What's that? Free beer AND more questions? OK, just free beer, then...

Reporters travelling with Conservative Leader Stephen Harper haven't seen any sign of him in the back of the plane yet. But his wife Laureen has come back twice now bearing gifts.

Tonight it was Keith's beer. The Harpers visited the historic Keith's brewery in Halifax Thursday.

Harper pulled a couple of pints while there. His wife, on the other hand, got beer for the plane. The night before, it was chocolate-covered fruit.

After all the press corps' fights with Harper all week over the lack of questions reporters get to ask him, it's interesting he's left all attempts to woo us up to his wife, Alexander Keith and chocolate.

Video: Campaign Mashup, Day 6

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'It's not only what's good for Hector or St. Boniface'

Hector Ducharme does not take democracy for granted. He's an undecided voter in Winnipeg's St. Boniface riding. Last night Ducharme showed up at the Liberal Party's town hall last night to hear Michael Ignatieff speak.

In the past, Ducharme says he's voted Liberal, NDP and most recently for the Conservatives. Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was in Winnipeg earlier this week and Ducharme listened to every word he said.

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Question of the Day

Layton's double-pointed sword in Quebec

Jack Layton is promising to fight hard for more seats in Quebec.

Currently the NDP have one seat, in Outremont. But they've picked up a star candidate in Cree politician and activist Romeo Saganash.

Saganash is very well known in Quebec, and he's running in the province's far north in Abitibi-Baie-James-Nunavik-Eeyou.

Layton's message in Montreal is focused on two enemies: The Liberal party and the Bloc. It's sort of an assumption for Layton that no Quebecker really wants to vote Conservative.

Calling out @SenatorJake

By all accounts, Stephen Harper's press confebartonberryimage.jpgrence was a feisty one.

I wasn't there, because I'm on the NDP tour this week. But I heard my colleagues pressed the Conservative leader for answers, and asked why they were being prevented from asking more than five questions per press conference.

Fair questions in my opinion, given that Harper's campaign is basically a job interview for the top gig in our country.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw on my Twitter feed this comment from Senator Michael MacDonald:

"Lovely day on Halifax waterfront for PM's trade status. CBC reporters Milewski and Ditchburn were like attack dogs afterward - pathetic!" 

Nothing says 'thank you' like a campaign promise


(Ryan Remiorz, The Canadian Press)

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says he has an education plan for Canada's veterans.

Ignatieff let the news slip out at a packed town hall last night in Winnipeg.

"This country has never had what they have in the U.S., which is a GI bill. Do you know? That is, if you come back from service and you've served your country, we help you get an education, we help you get to college and university. Now this is a big deal. This would be something that would mean a lot to veterans. It would be a way of a country saying thank you. That's what we need to say here, thank you."

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Speed Read (March 31, 2011)

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Crave (campaign) brevity? Ask Ujjal

There's something to be said for short, direct answers. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff doesn't give too many of them.

To be fair, most politicians don't have the ability to give a straight answer when they know it's something the public doesn't want to hear.

However one politician who has the ability to just spit it out is Liberal candidate Ujjal Dosanjh. He did it again last night at a town hall meeting with Ignatieff at his alma mater, Langara College.