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UPDATED It's December: Cue the MP Christmas cards!

Advent is upon us.

The children in my house are delighting in their daily chocolate fix, as we move through the 24 days before Christmas.

And on the political front, journalists, political staff and most importantly party supporters are waiting expectantly by their mailboxes.

Yes indeed, it's political Christmas card season.

Which MP will come up with the best picture?

A picture preferably of the MP, performing his or her duties somewhere in the globe.

Which MP will choose one of the pretty but predictable stock pictures offered by the Commons printer, like the snow-covered Centre Block?

Defence Minister Peter MacKay's card arrived in the post yesterday.
No generic snowflake designs here.

The card features MacKay in Kandahar in a group photo with a bunch of soldiers clad in t-shirts and combats.

The caption reads "Share the Hope."

And inside: "Wishing you Peace, Hope and Love for this Holiday Season."

In keeping with this, no firearms can been seen - though being a war zone, many shoulder straps are visible.

Postscript: Bah Humbug!

Folks: I appreciate all your responses, and I would like to gently remind you that it is the Christmas season - a season intended to spread some goodwill about our fair land.

So as I blog this Christmas card series let's remember:

1. Christmas cards have been sent for decades by MPs of all stripes. Yes, this does involves your tax dollars. If you dislike this practice, please feel free to contact your MP, or send him or her your postal address if you want to get a on their card mailing list.

2. Political news is slowing down at this time of year, and this blog is intended to be f-u-n.

3. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a healthy, prosperous New Year to you all!
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