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From Power and Politics Host Evan Solomon:

With the September 22 vote on the long-gun registry fast approaching, there is furious lobbying from the Conservatives to keep on side those eight Liberal and 12 New Democrat MPs who supported the bill in the past. Candice Hoeppner, the Manitoba MP who sponsored the private member's bill, has said she and her fellow Conservatives are urging the NDP MPs to not flip their vote.
CBC's Power and Politics has obtained an email exchange between Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz, an outspoken opponent of the long-gun registry, and New Democrat MP Charlie Angus. The exchange reveals not only how intense the lobbying effort is, but that Angus may be on the verge of changing his mind and voting to kill the registry. (Ed Note: Oops! That should have read 'voting NOT to kill the registry'. Sorry, we missed that on first writing.)

The unedited email exchange is below:

Question of the Day

Well, the Big Red Bus has finally rolled into town, so it's time to get down to some serious pre-caucus liveblogging. 

The big meeting isn't scheduled to happen until tomorrow, but there are regional caucuses throughout the day, as well as any number of MPs, senators and senior party strategists wandering the grounds. All of means that, once again, I'll be covering the waterfront -- literally -- to keep y'all fully apprised on the latest developments, as will Colleagues Crawford, McDiarmid and Musgrave, so be sure to check back for updates throughout the day. Click here for coverage of yesterday's pre-caucus activities. 

 Berry-friendly text feed available here or hit the jump for the full CoveritLive experience. 

Question of the Day

MPs on the House public safety committee just received these documents via email this afternoon: 

1. The Canadian Firearms Program evaluation - final approved report:En Firearms Evaluation Report

2. The Canadian Firearms Centre's internal framework audit:
CAFC Final Audit Report_ENG

So, if you were watching the Jack Layton news conference today, you would have heard that many of the questions from reporters were about how his proposed bill would work, timing-wise.

The Liberal Express rolls in this afternoon, but join the virtual stakeout at the Inverary Inn! I'll be liveblogging throughout the day -- although probably not from the pedal boat -- so check back for updates.

I'm back, everyone -- online, and on the job, although far outside my jurisdiction. Did you miss me? Probably not if you followed my twitterizings over the last few days -- and thank you to the 'verse for virtually guiding me through the wilds of Charlottetown, Halifax and finally, down the road to Baddeck, where a sizeable contingent of Hill denizens -- media, politicians, staffers and hangers-on -- have descended upon the Inverary Inn, awaiting the arrival of the Liberal caucus. (I'm pretty sure even I can't get lost here, but we'll soon find out.) 

Anyway, as far as the out-of-town itinerary for today, we are, as noted above, currently in a bit of a holding pattern as we wait for the two-day retreat to get underway. The Liberal Express is expected to roll into town sometime this afternoon, but there are regional caucuses, so I'll be liveblogging throughout the day. 

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Question of the Day

This Week on The House

The North: vast... frozen... forbidding... and this time of year, strangely full of hot air. Yup! The Prime Minister has been up there for most of the week and the announcements and rhetoric just won't stop coming. For a little change though, we thought we'd go looking for a different perspective on the Arctic -- the one from the other side of Baffin Bay.

Denmark's Ambassador to Canada drops by for a little chat about all things northerly with our guest-host Chris Hall. And while our gaze is focused in that direction, we might as well talk about Prime Minister Stephen Harper's ice follies. Reporter James Cudmore gives us the sideline view of Big Steve's Arctic escapades.

Meanwhile, back down here within 200 kilometres of the American border, the cops are uncovering alleged plots. Three Muslim-Canadian men are arrested and charged with various terrorism-related offences and CSIS and the RCMP are sitting at the same table, playing nice.
What's going on? National security expert and Queen's University lecturer, Anthony Seaboyer, sees a new era of cooperation between the country's various investigative services.
And hey! The Liberals are getting together in Cape Breton for their annual summer shindig. Rodger Cuzner, the party whip and Larry Bagnell, the Liberal member for Yukon, sit down to chat about the Arctic, long guns and the rural-urban divide.

Staying out on the east coast, New Brunswickers are going to the polls at the end of September. Our local provincial affairs reporter, Jacques Poitras, takes a look at the issues the parties want to talk about and those they don't.
Hope you like it!
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