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MergerWatch: The affidavit of Warren Kinsella UPDATED

Affidavit of Warren Kinsella_1

UPDATE: In a statement, Apps says Kinsella is offering a "strange version" of events. Basically, according to Apps, it's bizarro-world from what Kinsella says happened.

"Warren told me about the meetings among senior types (including Chretien) - I did not tell him. I merely told him that I had heard the same thing but didn't see the point about talking about it.

"He called to advocate a coalition. I told him an 'opposition coalition' was a crazy idea as I have always maintained. Everything in the affidavit that he describes as cornerstones of a 'plan' were, in fact, reasons my view as to reasons why a merger would and could never occur.

"In all subsequent discussions with Warren, I discouraged him bluntly from pursuing the concept.

"I have never personally engaged in serious discussions on this topic and have no personal knowledge of any such discussions among others. I have never encouraged such discussion."

UPDATE No. 2: Another Liberal, John Mraz, fires off affidavit No.2, and brings in among the saints' negotiations...Joe Clark!?! Huh?:

John Mraz Affidavit

UPDATE 3:Back to Apps, who responds to CBC that the only other Liberal aside from Kinsella to approach him on this topic was Mraz.

"I have bluntly argued against a coalition and I have explained at great length why I didn't think a merger of the parties could or should work. The only reason I was angry with Mr. Mraz was I didn't think he should even write an article on merger because I thought it was a crazy idea."

As for Clark's participation, Apps said the only info he passed on to Mraz was info he learned from Kinsella.

"I then speculated and said we clearly have a bunch of former politicians, if these meetings are occuring, I said I wonder if they're involving former PCs like Joe Clark."

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