The Queen's garden party menu


Mmmm, fancy treats.

Her Majesty The Queen's Event
Date Friday June 30th 2010
Heures :17 :30
Nombre de convives :        500
Type d'événement :        Reception

Passed Horsd'oeuvres

Maple Smoked Salmon Maki
Rabbit Rillette on Boreal Pepper Corn Flat Bread with Crab Apple Jelly
Wild Mushroom and Asparagus Hure, Wild Leek Purée
Scallop Devilled Egg with Chili Spiced Pearls


Lobster Croquette Fish and Chips
Braised Buffalo Shoulder and Feuille d'Érable Cheese Croque Monsieur
Roasted Asparagus and Double Smoked Bacon Perogi
Grilled Aged Beef Stiploin with Shaved Highland Blue

Passed sweets

Sticky Apple and Ginger Pudding
Saskatoon Berry Linzer
Reisling Soaked Rum Cake with Rhubarb Compote
Partridge Berry and Honey Butter Tarts


High Tea

Cucumber Sandwiches
Watercress and Cream Cheese
Chopped Egg and Chives
Shrimp Salad Sandwich

Buttermilk Scones
Clotted Cream
Rideau Hall Fruit Jams and Compotes
Assorted Mignardise 

Question of the Day

Her Majesty hits the capital - Liveblogging the Royal Tour


As promised in Orders of the Day, I'll be liveblogging the Queen's first day in Ottawa -- well, the public bits, at least -- starting with her visit to the Canadian Museum of Nature through the Oscar Peterson statue unveiling, including two (!) promised walkabouts. Check back at noon for full coverage.

(Note: I'll be in the crowd, not the accredited media pool, so don't expect any up-close-and-personal tidbits, although at least this way I don't have to worry about committing a mortal breach of protocol by transcribing the small talk on the way back from the airport.

Berry-friendly text feed available here or hit the jump for the full CoverItLive experience! 

The info on the info (commish): Legault's got the job!

It's official! Christmas comes early for the new information commissioner, who's lucky to be ali....OK, sorry. I just wanted to get every cliche out of the way. Suzanne Legault's got the thumbs up from House and Senate to keep on truckin' as information commish, but in a non-interim fashion:

Release Date: June 30, 2010

For immediate release PRIME MINISTER STEPHEN HARPER WELCOMES NEW INFORMATION COMMISSIONER OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper today welcomed Canada's new Information Commissioner, Suzanne Legault, whose appointment was recently approved by the Senate and the House of Commons.

This appointment is effective immediately. The Prime Minister took the opportunity to thank Ms. Legault for serving as Interim Commissioner since June 30, 2009, and to congratulate her for her commitment and dedicated service. The Office of the Information Commissioner was created in 1983 under the Access to Information Act -- Canada's freedom of information legislation.

Orders of the Day: Smile and wave, Ottawa -- she's here!

 Queen Elizabeth chats with Cassidy MacCarthy, 11, along with Defence Minister Peter MacKay as she prepares to depart the airport in Halifax on Wednesday. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

That's right, Her Majesty is heading for the nation's capital as I type, which is why this will be a shorter than usual OotD -- must stake out a good spot along the road to await -- and liveblog, of course -- her arrival. According to the official itinerary, her first stop is the newly restored, refurbished and just generally spruced up Canadian Museum of Nature, followed by the unveiling of the Oscar Peterson statue at the National Arts Centre, and later, an audience with the prime minister -- which I won't, alas, be able to liveblog -- and a garden party at Rideau Hall. 

Meanwhile, back on the Hill, the unstoppable force for sober second thinking that is the National Finance rolls onward, with another full day of hearings on the omnibus budget bill, but other than that, the combination of Canada Day and the Queen seems to have shut the whole place down for the duration. Don't worry, though -- the parliamentary action is almost certain to kick back into high gear next week when the public safety committee returns for a special summer session -- especially if they go ahead with the threatened/promised post-mortem into G8/20 security. With potential witnesses like this gentleman, it could be the best show in town.

Foreign Affairs statement on U.S. spy claims

In response to the ongoing spy allegation saga, Foreign Affairs has issued the following statement:

This is an American investigation. We continue to work with our allies on the issue. As the investigation is ongoing we have no comment at this time. 

For specific questions on passports, please contact Passport Canada: 819-934-3837.

Question of the Day

Please Mr. Postman, say it ain't so...

Times are tough at Canada Post.

According to a notice posted in the Canada Gazette, Canadians sent four percent fewer letters in 2009, even as population growth adds close to 200,000 new addresses to the corporation's 24,000 mail routes every year.

Pack your bags, previously shadowy CSIS head Richard Fadden, you're coming to committee!

And the opposition parties didn't even have to file an SO 106(4) request for a meeting to discuss whether or not you should be called to appear!  According to the notice posted to the parliamentary website a few minutes ago, Fadden will brief the Public Safety committee on CSIS activities next Monday

Fadden may be scheduled to be there for just one day, but members may want to pack a change of clothes, since Liberal public safety critic Mark Holland also wants the committee to look into the federal role in G8/20 security, particularly given the "violence and large number of arrests on the streets of Toronto."  

Here, for the record, are his opening questions for Public Safety Minister Vic Toews: 

NDP shakes things up in its communications staff

Summer is a time for shake-ups on Parliament Hill.

Staff see these long and rather slow months as the ideal moment to change their path. And there have been a number of such changes inside government as of late.