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Reps for the cause

The corridors of Parliament Hill are awash in blue ties this afternoon as MPs show their support for prostate cancer.

NDP Leader Jack Layton is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and MPs are showing their support.

Members are no stranger to sporting bits of ribbon on their lapels in support of many causes, but this is the first time that I can remember that MPs have changed their ties.

As Caucus ended this afternoon many came out wearing them.

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau tied his under his white shirt, in what appeared to be akin to an Ascot.

Conservative Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen sported hers in a loose knot and carried a second in her hand.

Stewart Olsen said she was wearing the tie in " of Jack Layton who is fighting this disease that affects so many men."

It can be strange how politicians can switch from being fiercely partisan, to all being on the same team.

One person whose chose not to sport the blue tie was Michael Ignatieff who stuck with his salmon toned stripes.

Now for people who are particular about their ties, these are light and medium blue rep stripe, bend dexter.

The label says they are 100 per cent silk and made in Canada.
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