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And now, a statement from the 'Minister for Tequila'

blackburn-584cp.jpg(Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

At least one critic of Jean-Pierre Blackburn's in the House of Commons this morning has already dubbed him the "Minister for Tequila" after his airport kerfuffle, as reported by the competition last night. 

For the record, his office is circulating the following statement this morning. (But otherwise, keeping their phones turned off, it appears...)

Minister Blackburn Statement

On February 23 I was at the Ottawa airport and a bottle of alcohol was confiscated from me because it exceeded the 100 ml limit.

Since I had to leave the bottle behind, I asked that it be destroyed.

At no point did I request preferential treatment; it's not in my nature.

Granted, I was definitely upset at what happened, and I apologize to those I could have offended.

That being said, the rule is clear.

The officers applied the rule.

And I complied unequivocally.

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