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From our colleague Max Paris, senior producer of The House:

So the new year is here. Howzabout a look back at the old one?

Say we combine that with a few dozen political questions from the year gone by? And while we're at it, let's throw in three of Canadian political punditry's brightest luminaries.

It sounds like a New Years show on The House. Join Kathleen, Don Martin of the National Post, Kady O'Malley of's Inside Politics blog and Chris Hall, National Affairs Editor for CBC this Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010, for a bit of fun and analysis of 2009.

So we've sifted through, dissected and downright tried to read the minds of our dedicated and beloved Inside Politics commenters to decipher what your pick was for the best political quote of the year.

We've also been blown away by the many excellent suggestions we'd either neglected in our list of favs or just plum forgot was said in the monumentally nutty year in Canadian politics that was.

Well, isn't this helpful? The tireless minions of Langevin Block have put together a backgrounder on prorogation -- although, for some unknown reason, there seems to be a distinct reluctance to actually use the word 'prorogation' with the anonymous writers once again focusing instead on the Speech from the Throne. Because everyone loves a SftT, right? 

Late yesterday our Kady O'Malley finally confirmed the answer to the big question of the day: Are we or are we not prorogued?
Today in the Canada Gazette, the answer has been made even more official.
The proclamation is worth a read, if for no other reason than the references to "Our Right Trusty and Well-beloved Michaelle Jean..."!

Orders of the Day (12/31/09)

Oh my gosh, you guys, I had the craziest dream. 

The PM prorogued Parliament without even coming back to Ottawa to meet with the Governor General in person, and didn't send out a cabinet minister -- or even Pierre Poilievre! -- to make the announcement. He left it to his press secretary to do it on a conference call with Hill bureau chiefs, who wouldn't even say whether or not the request had actually been granted, and --- wait, that wasn't a dream at all, was it? Sigh. That means that the bit where I was on the National babbling about parliamentary procedure probably really happened too, didn't it? 
Official confirmation that Parliament has, indeed, been prorogued, straight from the Clerk of the House of Commons: 

View image

Hot off the Langevin listserv, it's a message from our ever-chipper robot friend, Alerte-Info-Alert! Today's message provides Conservative MPs and supporters with a thoughtful, logical explanation for today's snap prorogation. Oh wait, no, it doesn't. It explains why prorogation is necessary -- even routine! -- but not why it had to happen now, and not closer to the date that Parliament was expected to return:

For the first, distinctly more sceptical, installment of  ProrogueWatch, click here. Otherwise, refresh this post for updates - and I'm now more convinced that there will be updates, possibly within the next hour. 

Since as far as we know, there's no requirement for the PM to actually meet with the Governor General to pull the trigger, there are no tells -- like, say, a convoy of Town Cars heading from 24 Sussex Drive to Rideau Hall -- which means we'll probably find out via press release. That is, if it's happening today, and not tomorrow, or next week, or ... anyway, you get the idea. 

Prorogation? Really? Today? Huh. Not to sound like a big ole sceptic -- which, incidentally, I'm not -- but I'm not quite ready to don an extra layer of woolly socks and head over to Rideau Hall to join the stakeout, since I'm not sure why the PM would want to do the deed today, as opposed to waiting until the traditional Friday-before-the-House-is-due-back. 
... via the Ottawa Citizen Gargoyle -- AKA Hot Room Colleague Potter -- I present the only end-of-year political column you have to read. Seriously. That's it. You're done. On to the 2010 look-ahead round! (His post on the top political brands of the decade is worth checking out too.) 

*And really, why the heck aren't you? No, wait, don't answer that. 

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