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Will you be tricked? Or treated? - Liveblogging Hallowe'en at 24 Sussex, Stornoway and Rideau Hall

... that is, presuming I'm allowed on the premises of the first Residence on the list; the notice says it's a photo op, so let's cross our fingers that the powers that be at PMO -- or, failing that, Laureen Harper herself -- can be persuaded to recognize the berrycam as an officially approved device for tonight's festivities. (I'm betting that I won't have any trouble getting into Stornoway -- unless I show up dressed as an EKOS poll or a senior Liberal strategist, that is -- and Rideau Hall is always open to the public.)  

Anyway, check back around 5:30 for my dispatches from the front. I'll also be taking pictures, of course -- and video too, if the technology cooperates. I'm tentatively planning to hit the Sussex Drive venues before heading off to deepest, darkest Rockcliffe, but that could change, depending on the weather. Oh, and yes, I do plan to be in costume -- tis the season, after all -- but at the moment, exactly what I'll be wearing is classified information. (Yes, that means I haven't actually decided, but let's pretend it doesn't.) 

You can also click here if you prefer the starkly minimalist text feed, and read the RSS feed here once the liveblogging is underway. 
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