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A New Destination for Debate at

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You'll see something a little different today on our website - we're dedicating a section to opinion columns. The goal is to give our audience a destination for intelligent, provocative debate and commentary on the issues of the day. To do so, we'll be calling on a diverse range of contributors - most of them freelancers.

Peter Mansbridge, Hall of Famer

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Mansbridge-small.jpgOur Chief Correspondent Peter Mansbridge wasn't on the set as host of The National last night. Instead he was a few blocks away, being inducted into the Canadian News Hall of Fame. At last night's event, he gave a speech showcasing many of the attributes that his colleagues appreciate every day. But the heart of his remarks were about the future of the CBC.

Why We Didn't Bleep the N-Word

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As journalists we generally avoid using ethnic and racial slurs, labels used to belittle, shame and deride "other people". One such word, a slur against black people, would be described in TV and radio reports as "the n-word" and online as n----r. An exceptional occasion arose this week when U.S. President Barack Obama used that word in full. Here is why we decided to do so too.

To Publish or not to Publish

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charlie-hebdo-small.jpgNews editors around the world grappled with the same dilemma yesterday: to show or not to show the controversial Charlie Hebdo cartoons linked to the mass murder in Paris. At CBC News, we opted on the side of discretion: to show some of these incendiary cartoons, but hold back from showing the ones most likely to offend Muslims because they depicted the Prophet Muhammad.

BACKSTORY 2014: Behind the biggest news events of the year

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Malaysian Airlines. Vladimir Putin. Ebola. Sochi. Rob Ford. Nathan Cirillo. Names and stories behind the biggest news events of 2014. Every news story is inherently dramatic, and this year's presented some notable journalistic challenges. CBC correspondents are sharing those challenges with you in a series of segments and specials we're calling BACKSTORY 2014.

The Perils of Breaking News

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Jerusalem-small.jpgIn the early hours of yesterday morning, two Palestinian men attacked a synagogue in Jerusalem, killing five people. Israeli police shot and killed the two attackers. Reporter Derek Stoffel and others led our coverage in an exemplary way: explaining what happened, what it meant, and what could happen next. But we've also received a fair bit of criticism over the very first headline we wrote online when the story broke. 

Fake soldier sparks rapid response

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franck-gervais - small.jpgOttawa police estimated that 50,000 people attended this year's Remembrance Day commemoration at the National War Memorial. CBC News spoke to a man, wearing a uniform and decorations, about the significance of the day. By the next day, we'd begun to hear from sharp-eyed military personnel: that beret, those badges, the decorations... they weren't up to scratch, weren't quite right...

When is a 'war' not a war?

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cf-18-small.jpgAs Canada prepares to send fighter aircraft and support staff to Iraq to join in the fight against the Islamic State, journalists are debating what words to use when describing what Canada is going to be involved in. Is it simply "airstrikes"? A "combat mission"? Or should we refer to it as a "war"? This is the sort of issue that arises all the time in a newsroom. The words we choose matter. But those choices are often quite contentious, because the world is full of conflicts and contradictions.

Congratulations to the fifth estate on their International Emmy win

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fifth2-small.jpgPlease join us in congratulating everyone at the fifth estate, as their celebrated documentary Made in Bangladesh has won the International Emmy in the current affairs category. The documentary made news around the world as Mark Kelley went to Bangladesh and tracked down workers who said they were forced to make clothes for Canada in dangerous conditions. 

A Lean, Mean Reporting Machine

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Semple-small.jpgYou can never accuse the CBC's Jeff Semple of relying too much on his crew. That's because most days he doesn't have one. This video shows how Jeff uses technology to report live from the scene of breaking news in London - and almost anywhere else -- all by himself.