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A Lean, Mean Reporting Machine

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Semple-small.jpgYou can never accuse the CBC's Jeff Semple of relying too much on his crew. That's because most days he doesn't have one. This video shows how Jeff uses technology to report live from the scene of breaking news in London - and almost anywhere else -- all by himself. 

Covering the Ebola story: A Unique Challenge

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Adrienne-small.jpgIt's been 10 months since the first cases of Ebola surfaced in west Africa yet few Western journalists have ventured to the stricken zones to cover this dangerous story. By mid-August we decided that reporting from afar wasn't enough. But establishing effective safety protocols and a workable coverage plan was complex - so much so, that last night was Adrienne Arsenault's first report from the region. 

Coming Soon: Live Coverage of... D-Day???

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DDayImage-small.jpgNext week, hundreds of veterans and world leaders will come together in France to mark the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Even with an event 70 years in the making, we always ask ourselves how we can work differently, and how can we ensure our journalism reaches as many Canadians as possible? To answer those questions, our news specials and online teams worked together to come up with a deceptively simple idea.

Covering Climate Change

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mansbridge north - small.jpg

I was fascinated by Dan Rowe's post earlier this week on J-Source entitled "What Peter Mansbridge's CAPP speaking fee says about his news judgment". He fails to live up to the journalist ethic he himself espouses, and indeed is tasked with teaching others, when he makes baseless suggestions that CBC News is somehow ignoring the issue of climate change.

A question of conflict?

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Rex 1b - Small.png

We've received a number of questions in recent weeks about Rex Murphy and his views on the oil industry. People have taken note that among his various public engagements, Rex has delivered speeches supportive of oilsands developments based on their economic benefit. And he's been critical of those opponents who, he believes, overstate the environmental dangers.

Getting at the Truth: Organic Answers or Misleading Information?

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food safety-small.pngIn the delicate dialogue which media conduct daily with various levels of government, reporters sometimes come away with a feeling they are being misled.It's not every day that proof of this suspicion surfaces. But that's exactly what happened in a recent story CBC reported on the testing of organic fruits and vegetables.

Chris Hadfield

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Hadfield-small.jpgThere's a bit of a buzz here this morning. We're excited about the debut of Chris Hadfield as a regular contributor to CBC News. You know Chris: Canadian astronaut, photographer, musician, Twitter phenom. Yeah, that guy. Well starting tonight on The National (and in the days ahead on Radio One), he'll be appearing on the air to share his insights and wisdom on a variety of topics -- not just space travel. 

New smartphone, tablet experience for CBC News

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AppBlogpic1-small.jpgMobile is now the fastest growing audience for us at CBC News and Centres. You'll hear more about mobile in this space in the coming year, but we took one big step forward this month when we relaunched our iPhone and iPad apps, as well as unveiling what I think is the best mobile news website in the country.

On assignment: David Common

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common - philippines - small.jpgLike many CBC reporters and producers, World Report host David Common is always looking for creative solutions to the trickiest technical quandaries in the field. We asked if he would talk a bit about how he managed to do his work during his recent trip to the Philippines, and here's what he had to say.

Update on technical difficulties at

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Polopoly2-small.jpgThis weekend marks a very big change for digital teams across the country that get the digital news to you each and every day. This morning, we moved to a new content management system - the tool we use to publish our stories and video and interactive graphics to the website and digital properties. The new tool will allow us to post more quickly and give us greater flexibility.