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BACKSTORY 2014: Behind the biggest news events of the year

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Malaysian Airlines. Vladimir Putin. Ebola. Sochi. Rob Ford. Nathan Cirillo. Names and stories behind the biggest news events of 2014. Every news story is inherently dramatic, and this year's presented some notable journalistic challenges. CBC correspondents are sharing those challenges with you in a series of segments and specials we're calling BACKSTORY 2014.

Congratulations to the fifth estate on their International Emmy win

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fifth2-small.jpgPlease join us in congratulating everyone at the fifth estate, as their celebrated documentary Made in Bangladesh has won the International Emmy in the current affairs category. The documentary made news around the world as Mark Kelley went to Bangladesh and tracked down workers who said they were forced to make clothes for Canada in dangerous conditions. 

Covering the Ebola story: A Unique Challenge

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Adrienne-small.jpgIt's been 10 months since the first cases of Ebola surfaced in west Africa yet few Western journalists have ventured to the stricken zones to cover this dangerous story. By mid-August we decided that reporting from afar wasn't enough. But establishing effective safety protocols and a workable coverage plan was complex - so much so, that last night was Adrienne Arsenault's first report from the region. 

You be the judge: How we compiled the hospital ratings

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si-files-doc-istock9438669-220.jpgCBC News' "Rate My Hospital" project is getting a great deal of national attention, and for good reason: it's the first comprehensive compilation of data about Canadian hospitals, organized in a way that allows patients and families to see how well their hospitals are performing on a wide range of metrics. There have been some criticisms, most notably from the Ontario Hospital Association, which suggested that our data wasn't gathered properly and couldn't be trusted.
You be the judge. Here's how it was done. 

An invitation to rate your hospital

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si-hospital-rankings-220.jpgOne of our most important responsibilities as Canada's public broadcaster is to deliver original journalism that provides a genuine public service. Our CBC News series Rate My Hospital is an excellent example of how we meet that responsibility, delivering original journalism on a topic that means a great deal to all Canadians.