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CBC Asks

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Before that award-winning story appears on your smartphone, radio or TV, CBC journalists have discussed, deliberated and debated the best way to tell our stories to Canadians. In journalism, the answers are rarely clear-cut and it's not an easy process. But it is always a fascinating one, and we want to share it with you. That's the motivation behind the event being held on Friday, Sept. 30: CBC Asks: Getting The Real Story - How do we do it?

Setting the record straight about CBC News coverage of the foreign worker program

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While we welcome discussions and debate about our coverage, this morning's blog post by Sean Craig on Canadaland about a story from two years ago is based on several misrepresentations. It is misleading and is ultimately damaging to us as a news organization. Despite reaching out to us over the weekend for a response, Mr. Craig deliberately made false assumptions and left out important facts.

Holding Power to Account

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Wpg wide shot-small2.jpgMore than 320 people from 15 countries packed into a conference on investigative journalism in Winnipeg and heard a consistent message: holding powerful interests to account is essential to democracy. The opening tone was set by Peter Mansbridge who said that even in tough economic times, news organizations must continue to invest in serious reporting and investigative journalism.

Relevance: Delivering News that Affects Our Lives

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Do newsrooms want to be disconnected artists, or make a difference in the lives of the communities they serve? That almost seems like a rhetorical question but when a media association executive posed it at a gathering of journalists, he received a good deal of reaction from the audience. At CBC News, we know that stories and programs have a much greater impact when people can relate them to their own lives.

Speaking of Speeches...

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mansbridge - small.jpgI give about 20 speeches a year. They happen in different communities across the country. All in response to requests from various organizations, associations, fundraising groups, towns and cities. I enjoy doing them, and those in attendance usually say they enjoy hearing them. I wish I could do more, but my time and my primary responsibilities force me to say "no" to at least as many as I say "yes" to. 

A question of conflict?

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We've received a number of questions in recent weeks about Rex Murphy and his views on the oil industry. People have taken note that among his various public engagements, Rex has delivered speeches supportive of oilsands developments based on their economic benefit. And he's been critical of those opponents who, he believes, overstate the environmental dangers.

Managing the growing conversation at

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Something amazing has been happening in the CBC News commenting community over the last 6 months. The number of people commenting and the number of comments being posted has been growing exponentially. In fact, in the last six months, the volume of comments has doubled. CBC News reporting and story-telling is increasingly becoming the starting point for national conversation.

Interviews: Some info you should know

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jack-mintz-small.jpgCBC News has a really sophisticated audience that asks us a lot of challenging questions. A couple of smart ones recently have focused on how we identify people that appear in our stories or programs.  More precisely, they mean how much background information we give you about those people.

Storytelling: Making Choices

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air canada-rev.pngEverybody knows we've had big news stories lately. Stories about the typhoon in the Philippines and the mayor of Toronto have spurred lots of reaction. Sometimes, though, the most interesting debates about journalism arise from stories with a lower profile. We want to share a couple of recent rulings from the CBC Ombudsman that focus on choices we made when we told two such stories about airline bumping and campus politics.

Digging for Data on Pipelines

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pipeline-small.pngGathering the news usually means a lot of hard work - developing contacts, researching precedents, asking the right questions at the right moment. At CBC News we are blessed to have some top-of-class "data journalists" renowned for their ability to analyze complex numbers and patterns. This week, they helped us better understand the safety record of the labyrinth of oil and gas pipelines that criss-cross Canada.