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A New Destination for Debate at

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You'll see something a little different today on our website - we're dedicating a section to opinion columns. The goal is to give our audience a destination for intelligent, provocative debate and commentary on the issues of the day. To do so, we'll be calling on a diverse range of contributors - most of them freelancers.

The Next Phase of Commenting at CBC

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laptop-small.jpgIn March, the CBC announced it would phase out the use of pseudonyms in comments on our various websites across English and French services. There's another important change coming June 13th: we will reset our online communities across, including the CBC News site. Moving forward, all community members will be asked to use real names when commenting on our pages.

Protecting Journalistic Content

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Today, CBC/Radio-Canada asked Facebook and YouTube to take down a political ad that not only uses CBC's news footage but also re-edits it. When a TV clip of an interview of a party leader, shows up in another party's advertising edited in a way that shifts the context of the facts, this may cause viewer confusion and even suspicion about our journalism, and the intentions of journalists. It can damage our credibility, independence and integrity as neutral participants.

CBC News Journalistic Review

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There have been questions raised about whether or not CBC's Senior Business Correspondent, Amanda Lang, had been in a journalistic conflict of interest. I directed our Director of Journalistic Public Accountability and Engagement to lead a review. Its scope included: journalistic content, journalistic conduct, and employee obligations to disclose any potential conflict of interest.

Setting the record straight about CBC News coverage of the foreign worker program

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While we welcome discussions and debate about our coverage, this morning's blog post by Sean Craig on Canadaland about a story from two years ago is based on several misrepresentations. It is misleading and is ultimately damaging to us as a news organization. Despite reaching out to us over the weekend for a response, Mr. Craig deliberately made false assumptions and left out important facts.

To Publish or not to Publish

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charlie-hebdo-small.jpgNews editors around the world grappled with the same dilemma yesterday: to show or not to show the controversial Charlie Hebdo cartoons linked to the mass murder in Paris. At CBC News, we opted on the side of discretion: to show some of these incendiary cartoons, but hold back from showing the ones most likely to offend Muslims because they depicted the Prophet Muhammad.

Congratulations to the fifth estate on their International Emmy win

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fifth2-small.jpgPlease join us in congratulating everyone at the fifth estate, as their celebrated documentary Made in Bangladesh has won the International Emmy in the current affairs category. The documentary made news around the world as Mark Kelley went to Bangladesh and tracked down workers who said they were forced to make clothes for Canada in dangerous conditions. 

Egypt's Threat to the Media

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egypt-aljazeera-trial-fahmi-small.jpgAs the Editor-in-chief of CBC News, there are a couple of things I never take for granted: what we do matters, and the fact we are free to do it is critically important to how a healthy democracy functions. And that's what makes this week's events in Egypt so discouraging.

Review of speaking engagements

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SpeakersFees_220.jpgWe remain as determined as ever to preserve the very highest standards while showing respect for both our employees and our audience.

Covering Climate Change

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I was fascinated by Dan Rowe's post earlier this week on J-Source entitled "What Peter Mansbridge's CAPP speaking fee says about his news judgment". He fails to live up to the journalist ethic he himself espouses, and indeed is tasked with teaching others, when he makes baseless suggestions that CBC News is somehow ignoring the issue of climate change.