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Some news about our Chief Correspondent Peter Mansbridge

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mansbridge-small2.jpgFor over three decades Peter Mansbridge has been synonymous with news in Canada. Last night on The National Peter announced that he would be stepping down from the position that made him that. Since being named in 1987 he has been CBC's Chief Correspondent in every sense of these words. He's a reporter first and foremost, dedicated to getting the story and getting it right.

Congratulations to the fifth estate on their International Emmy win

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fifth2-small.jpgPlease join us in congratulating everyone at the fifth estate, as their celebrated documentary Made in Bangladesh has won the International Emmy in the current affairs category. The documentary made news around the world as Mark Kelley went to Bangladesh and tracked down workers who said they were forced to make clothes for Canada in dangerous conditions. 

Between Stories: A New Video Series

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StoriesSmall.jpgJournalists tell stories for a living, but much of what they experience is left on the editing room floor. These untold stories are often about how they got their stories, and what makes them tick. They are insights from storytellers whose profession plays an important role in a functioning civil society. Our new video series, Between Stories, is about those anecdotes and observations.

Chris Hadfield

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Hadfield-small.jpgThere's a bit of a buzz here this morning. We're excited about the debut of Chris Hadfield as a regular contributor to CBC News. You know Chris: Canadian astronaut, photographer, musician, Twitter phenom. Yeah, that guy. Well starting tonight on The National (and in the days ahead on Radio One), he'll be appearing on the air to share his insights and wisdom on a variety of topics -- not just space travel. 

Open House at CBC Saskatoon

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Who knew so many people in Saskatoon get up so early?

At the Open House CBC Saskatchewan held Thursday morning to celebrate the on-air launch of Saskatoon Morning, the first 50 free coffee mugs were gone by 6:20 a.m. And then it got busy. 

Celebrating Peter Mansbridge's 25 years hosting The National

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Mansbridge07-small.jpgPeter Mansbridge started hosting The National when I first started at the CBC, 25 years ago. It's a phenomenal achievement and we've been lucky to have him guiding Canadians through momentous world events. He's the most recognized CBC personality in the country. Canadians recognize him and trust him. And he always makes time for Canadians.