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A new name reinforces an ongoing mandate

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Nearly three years ago, we launched a special section of our website, dedicated to stories and issues about the First Nations, Inuit and M├ętis people of Canada.

Our goal in creating CBC Aboriginal was to better engage and reflect this vibrant community. And 11 million page views later, we feel even more strongly that this has been a necessary addition to our journalism.

Today, though - a little tweak. We are changing the name of our page to CBC Indigenous (cbc.ca/Indigenous). This name change reflects a significant trend by communities and organizations, both nationally and globally, to use Indigenous as a preferred term. Our decision to institute this change was made after consultation with Indigenous CBC staff from across the country.

You may have noted that in recent months, we also made a change in CBC style, when we moved to capitalize terms such as "Indigenous", and "Aboriginal". We think it recognizes that when we use these terms, we speak about a distinct community (or more accurately, distinct communities), often with official representation and a regular place in the national debate.

In both language and substance, we think our Indigenous Digital Unit will continue to be a trailblazer - and also a game changer. The unit, in conjunction with CBC's Indigenous staff across the country, has led the way with award-winning cross-platform projects like  MMIW , coverage of significant events like Standing Rock, and an engaged, dynamic and growing Facebook community.

If you've never checked out the site before now, we invite you to do so, at cbc.ca/Indigenous.

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