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Congratulations to the fifth estate on their International Emmy win

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fifth estate emmy-large.jpg

Top (l-r): Aileen McBride​, Tarannum Kamlani, Lysanne Louter
Bottom (l-r): Jim Williamson, Mark Kelley, Julian Sher

Please join us in congratulating everyone at the fifth estate, as their celebrated documentary Made in Bangladesh has won the International Emmy in the current affairs category. This is the second International Emmy Award in three years for CBC. In 2012, Haiti's Orphans: One Year After the Earthquake won in this same category. Nominees in the news and current affairs categories this year spanned eight countries on four continents, with programs from Romania, Argentina, Hong Kong, Brazil, Russia, the Philippines and the U.K.

The documentary made news around the world as Mark Kelley went to Bangladesh and tracked down workers who said they were forced to make clothes for Canada in dangerous conditions.  Mark went behind bars for an exclusive interview with the jailed owner of one of the biggest factories inside Rana Plaza, who detailed his long-standing, multi-million dollar connections to Canada.

This is the fifth estate's fifth International Emmy as the program begins its 40th season, the most recent being for To Sell a War, which aired in 1992. It is yet another indication of the power of CBC's investigative journalism, and the tremendous effect that it has at home and abroad. This was a risky project on so many levels, but the Canadian connection to the Bangladeshi garment industry was an important story that needed to be told. Congratulations to Mark, Lysanne Louter, Tarannum Kamlani, Aileen McBride​ and John Badcock.

If you haven't already done so, you can watch Made in Bangladesh in its entirety here.

This is a great way to kick off our new fall programming season, and a terrific start to the awards season as well. Stay tuned, as we hope to have more news about CBC wins in the coming days and weeks.

Heather Conway
Executive vice-president
CBC English Services

Jennifer McGuire
General manager and editor in chief
CBC News and Centres

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