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Cusack and Crowe will Say Anything to stop TV sequel

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Actor John Cusack and director Cameron Crowe are willing to "Say Anything" to stop plans for a TV series based on the 1989 comedy drama.

Emmys Review: It sure felt like a Monday

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The good news is that if you go by the dresses and the speeches, the big show was an incredibly classy event. Unfortunately, that's also the bad news.

It's official: There's no shame in loving TV!

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The Emmy nominations reflect a heightened quality of writing, a growing diversity in roles and a championing of women on the screen, writes Jelena Adzic.

The Simpsons exec teases upcoming death on show

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If you're an avid TV-watcher, you'll likely have noticed the growing trend of shows killing off characters -- whether heroic stars, beloved sidekicks or dastardly villains. The executive producers of The Simpsons aren't immune, dropping more details about the upcoming demise of a "terrific" character that's been teased for some time now.

Game of Thrones: 7 anticipated match-ups and reunions in Season 4

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Game of Thrones fans are poised to return to the epic, sprawling and brutal world as Season 4 of the engrossing fantasy series begins. The show is peopled with a seemingly endless cast of characters, some embroiled in multiple complex storylines, but there are a few standout matches from the past three seasons that we just can't wait to get reacquainted with this weekend.

Oscars producers enlist celebs and pop stars to build buzz

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The glitzy and glamorous Oscars telecast may be one of the most-watched television events of the year, but it's also one of the most predictable. It's not surprising then that producers are once again vying to liven things up.

Gotcha! Jimmy Kimmel behind hoax Olympics wolf video

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Among the myriad Olympics-related viral videos that have spread across social networks during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, a video of a wolf prowling the athlete's village and shared by U.S. luger Kate Hansen has been unmasked as a hoax spearheaded by Jimmy Kimmel.

Lea Michele unveils Cory Monteith tribute song You're Mine

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Nearly seven months after Canadian actor Cory Monteith's death, the late Glee star's on-and-offscreen girlfriend Lea Michele has unveiled a tribute song in his honour: the upbeat, romantic track You're Mine from her forthcoming solo debut album Louder.

6 hot TV shows to watch in early 2014

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Baby, it's cold outside (and, more likely than not, icy), so wily TV programmers have unleashed a fantastic crop of enticing dramas, mysteries, sci-fi tales and comedies to tempt us towards our cozy couches and the tube (or online, if that's how you roll).

Game of Thrones set for video game treatment by Walking Dead hitmaker

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After earning widespread kudos for its video game treatment of The Walking Dead, Telltale Games has landed another major entertainment world property: Game of Thrones.