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Indie cyberpunk adventure game Jazzpunk debuts

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You're a secret agent who must infiltrate the Russian Embassy. You sit down for your mission briefing — right onto a whoopee cushion. The timetable at the embassy includes "Communist plotting," "vodka & biscuits" and a "potato-sack race." This is the strange, unpredictable and visually striking world of Jazzpunk, a cyberpunk comedy adventure game by Toronto-based creators Luis Hernandez and Jess Brouse.

Smithsonian introduces video games to its collection

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For those who might still think video games aren't worth one's time, the Smithsonian begs to differ. The venerable institution's American Art Museum has added two unique titles to its permanent collection, a high-profile validation of the form.

Game of Thrones set for video game treatment by Walking Dead hitmaker

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After earning widespread kudos for its video game treatment of The Walking Dead, Telltale Games has landed another major entertainment world property: Game of Thrones.

Beyond: Two Souls, starring Ellen Page, blurs line between games and film

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You might be forgiven if you think Beyond: Two Souls is a Hollywood film instead of a video game. The cover features a digital render of actor Ellen Page, who plays the lead character Jodie, while she and co-star Willem Dafoe's names are listed at the top of all promotional materials. But this new release from French studio Quantic Dream blurs the line more and more between filmmaking and video games.

Machinima art series revisits Oka Crisis, moments in native history

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Military vehicles sit next to a barricade along a stretch of Quebec highway, near disputed land close to the small town of Oka. Tensions are high and violence seems imminent. The scene is familiar, but you're not watching an archival news clip: this is TimeTravellertm, a video art series looking back at key moments in history from a distinctly First Nations perspective.

Video game heroines reinterpreted by fashion illustrator

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220-zelda-double-flawless.jpgA project for Toronto's Gamercamp video games festival is reinterpreting the looks of some of the most well-known characters in the history of gaming with the help of real-world fashion.

Papers, Please is a nerve-racking game about a desk job

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220-papers-please-Shot11-Jorji.jpgSet at a dystopian communist border crossing in 1982, Papers, Please is a nerve-racking sleuthing game with relentless pacing and dozens of compelling characters.

ROM Game Jam to breathe new digital life into ancient cultures

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It's not every day that a videogame developer creates a new game while sitting next to an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, but for one weekend in August, the Royal Ontario Museum is opening its doors to game creators who will roam through exhibits to gain inspiration for brand new titles.