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Hallelujah! Leonard Cohen's got a new album

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In honour of Leonard Cohen's 80th birthday, and his new record Popular Problems, we challenge you to choose your favourite cover of the Cohen classic: Hallelujah


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The Judge is an adult drama destined to become an Oscars also-ran, says CBC Arts critic Eli Glasner.

Eerie Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 trailer debuts

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The first teaser trailer for the next Hunger Games movie is out and, man, is it eerie. Mockingjay - Part 1 isn't out for months, but the sinister President Snow (Donald Sutherland) is already dispatching a menacing message from the Capitol.

Psy and Snoop's satirical Hangover soars online

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Whether you appreciate his over-the-top satirical take on aspects of South Korean culture, enjoy the ridiculousness of his music videos or can't cover your ears fast enough, Psy is back with another earworm racking up the online views. And this time, rap icon Snoop Dogg is along for the ride.

Stage interruptus: what to do when someone disrupts a live show?

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It used to just be a noisy snack wrapper or perhaps a fit of coughing, but faced with cellphones ringing mid-performance, tweeting theatregoers and even drunken hecklers, performers are taking a stand against stage interruptions.

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler jams with Helsinki buskers

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Sure he's a rock 'n' roll icon fronting a band that's sold more than 150 million albums worldwide, but Aerosmith's Steven Tyler can also appreciate the simple things in life -- like the musical buskers of Helsinki.

FILM REVIEW: Maleficent

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Angelina Jolie returns to the big screen in full force as the wicked fairy in Maleficent. The effects and the costumes are impressive; if only the storytelling was as sharp as the star's cheekbones, laments Eli Glasner.

Neil Young revisits key songs in retro recording-booth album

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Everything old becomes new again: Poloroid cameras, 10-speed bikes, vintage t-shirts and now something called a Voice-O-Graph -- an old-timey recording booth from the 1940s in which Neil Young has recorded a nostalgic, lo-fi album of songs that inspired him.

Squawking Chicken and The Dolphin Way: 2 takes on motherhood

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Listen to the Squawking Chicken: When Mother Knows Best, What's a Daughter to Do? and The Dolphin Way present two very different parenting strategies, but both are also loving tributes celebrating the women who produced wise-cracking gossip maven Elaine Lui and Harvard brain Shimi Kang.


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A thrilling exercise in cinematic minimalism, Locke is an example of how little it takes to make a good drama -- but it helps if you start with Tom Hardy. Exhausted by a conventional action flick and inspired by some nighttime driving footage, writer-director Steven Knight has created a gorgeous-looking film that gives his talented star the equivalent of a 90-minute drum solo, says Eli Glasner.