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Psy and Snoop's satirical Hangover soars online

Categories: Celebrities, Featured, Music, Social Media

Whether you appreciate his over-the-top satirical take on aspects of South Korean culture, enjoy the ridiculousness of his music videos or can't cover your ears fast enough, Psy is back with another earworm racking up the online views. And this time, rap icon Snoop Dogg is along for the ride.

Stage interruptus: what to do when someone disrupts a live show?

Categories: Celebrities, Featured, Live Performance, Social Media

It used to just be a noisy snack wrapper or perhaps a fit of coughing, but faced with cellphones ringing mid-performance, tweeting theatregoers and even drunken hecklers, performers are taking a stand against stage interruptions.

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler jams with Helsinki buskers

Categories: Celebrities, Featured, Live Performance, Music, Social Media

Sure he's a rock 'n' roll icon fronting a band that's sold more than 150 million albums worldwide, but Aerosmith's Steven Tyler can also appreciate the simple things in life -- like the musical buskers of Helsinki.

The Simpsons exec teases upcoming death on show

Categories: Featured, Television

If you're an avid TV-watcher, you'll likely have noticed the growing trend of shows killing off characters -- whether heroic stars, beloved sidekicks or dastardly villains. The executive producers of The Simpsons aren't immune, dropping more details about the upcoming demise of a "terrific" character that's been teased for some time now.

Power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé to tour together

Categories: Celebrities, Featured, Music

You might call this one the Mr. and Mrs. Carter Show: hip hop and pop superstars Jay Z and Beyoncé have confirmed wide speculation they'd team up onstage for an upcoming summer tour. But wait! If it seems like these two were just in your neck of the woods recently, that could very well be true.

Game of Thrones: 7 anticipated match-ups and reunions in Season 4

Categories: Featured, Television

Game of Thrones fans are poised to return to the epic, sprawling and brutal world as Season 4 of the engrossing fantasy series begins. The show is peopled with a seemingly endless cast of characters, some embroiled in multiple complex storylines, but there are a few standout matches from the past three seasons that we just can't wait to get reacquainted with this weekend.

3D Charlie Brown and Snoopy debut in Peanuts teaser trailer

Categories: Art & Design, Featured, Movies

Though Hollywood's proclivity toward remakes, reboots and revisiting popular pop culture of the past typically incites eye-rolling, it's hard to deny the frisson that arises when hearing the first few bars of Vince Guaraldi's iconic Charlie Brown Theme in the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Peanuts 3D film.

Oscars producers enlist celebs and pop stars to build buzz

Categories: Celebrities, Featured, Movies, Television

The glitzy and glamorous Oscars telecast may be one of the most-watched television events of the year, but it's also one of the most predictable. It's not surprising then that producers are once again vying to liven things up.

Gotcha! Jimmy Kimmel behind hoax Olympics wolf video

Categories: Celebrities, Featured, Social Media, Television

Among the myriad Olympics-related viral videos that have spread across social networks during the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, a video of a wolf prowling the athlete's village and shared by U.S. luger Kate Hansen has been unmasked as a hoax spearheaded by Jimmy Kimmel. petition urges Justin Bieber's deportation

Categories: Celebrities, Music, Social Media

Poor li'l Justin Bieber: 2014 just doesn't seem to be shaping up any better than his disastrous past year, with a new "We the People" online petition at calling for the troubled singer's ejection from the U.S. and return to Canada.