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Eli Glasner 
CBC News arts reporter and resident ranter.

Aquaman the movie? The downside of the WB's Golden Age for Geeks

Categories: Movies

Warner Brothers announces ambitious plans for a series of comic-book inspired films, betting big on the universal appeal of super heroes and special effects.

Cusack and Crowe will Say Anything to stop TV sequel

Categories: Television

Actor John Cusack and director Cameron Crowe are willing to "Say Anything" to stop plans for a TV series based on the 1989 comedy drama.


Categories: Movies

I Origins is a movie with many sides: a existential romance, a story packed with with facts and figures but at the same time open to coincidence and, simply, a well-acted film.


Categories: Movies

Goddess of Thunder? The new female Thor

Categories: Art & Design, Social Media

FILM REVIEW: Life Itself

Categories: Celebrities, Movies

The wit and voice of film critic Roger Ebert lives on in Life Itself, a new documentary from director Steve James. By focusing the camera on Ebert's life and death it's a fitting tribute says Eli Glasner


Categories: Movies

Jon Favreau's new movie Chef is a bite of cinematic soul food: a touching film about food and fatherhood that also has something to say about the challenge of commerce versus creativity, says Eli Glasner.

FILM REVIEW: Maleficent

Categories: Featured, Movies

Angelina Jolie returns to the big screen in full force as the wicked fairy in Maleficent. The effects and the costumes are impressive; if only the storytelling was as sharp as the star's cheekbones, laments Eli Glasner.


Categories: Featured, Movies

A thrilling exercise in cinematic minimalism, Locke is an example of how little it takes to make a good drama -- but it helps if you start with Tom Hardy. Exhausted by a conventional action flick and inspired by some nighttime driving footage, writer-director Steven Knight has created a gorgeous-looking film that gives his talented star the equivalent of a 90-minute drum solo, says Eli Glasner.

FILM REVIEW: The Lunchbox

Categories: Movies

Two strangers in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai are unexpectedly united by the city's famed midday-meal couriers in The Lunchbox, a delicious treat that will wash away the taste of prefab Hollywood love stories and a tale to truly savour, says Eli Glasner.