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Pearl Jam Let It Go tribute shows hit song's grown-up appeal

Categories: Movies, Music, Social Media

First it was children, but now it's their parents (like rockers Pearl Jam), too. Even adults can't get enough of the Oscar-winning song Let It Go from the Disney animated film Frozen. A myriad of versions have been created and shared online, from parents happily covering the Disney track, a Game of Thrones mash-up to a Lord of the Rings-inspired parody.

Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield turn tables on paparazzi

Categories: Celebrities, Social Media

Hollywood's Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy might fight bad guys onscreen, but in real life, actors (and dating couple) Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone do battle with lingering paparazzi by turning the spotlight on charities.

Neil Young revisits key songs in retro recording-booth album

Categories: Celebrities, Featured, Music

Everything old becomes new again: Poloroid cameras, 10-speed bikes, vintage t-shirts and now something called a Voice-O-Graph -- an old-timey recording booth from the 1940s in which Neil Young has recorded a nostalgic, lo-fi album of songs that inspired him.

Squawking Chicken and The Dolphin Way: 2 takes on motherhood

Categories: Books, Featured

Listen to the Squawking Chicken: When Mother Knows Best, What's a Daughter to Do? and The Dolphin Way present two very different parenting strategies, but both are also loving tributes celebrating the women who produced wise-cracking gossip maven Elaine Lui and Harvard brain Shimi Kang.

Deadmau5, king of Twitter beefs, takes on Arcade Fire

Categories: Celebrities, Social Media

Canadian DJ and producer Deadmau5, purveyor of offbeat stream-of-consciousness web posts, is our candidate for king of Twitter beefs, especially after his latest online feud. This time, he's aiming at Arcade Fire.

Mrs. Doubtfire sequel in the works

Categories: Featured, Movies

More than 20 years after the original hit theatres, the comedy Mrs. Doubtfire is prepping for a sequel, reuniting American comedy icon Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus for a fresh tale about Scottish nanny Euphegenia Doubtfire.

J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts film to be trilogy

Categories: Books, Movies

Soaring dragons, giant three-headed dogs, talking spiders: the fantastic beasts of Harry Potter's world are apparently headed back to a screen near a new film trilogy. The revelation follows the now de rigueur notion that all YA-inspired movie adaptations must come in threes and the belief that pop culture fans can't get enough of producers milking these make-believe worlds.

Pharrell teams with UN to make people Happy

Categories: Celebrities, Featured, Music, Social Media

Just when you thought Pharrell Williams couldn't get any Happy-er, the man behind the hit song has become the face of the 2014 International Day of Happiness, joining with the UN Foundation and people worldwide sharing footage of themselves singing, dancing, playing or doing whatever makes them feel jolly.

Justin Bieber deposition video: Will bratty behaviour further hurt his career?

Categories: Celebrities

Justin Bieber's bad-boy antics, brushes with the law and regular displays of bratty behaviour increasingly overshadow his musical career, with excerpts from a new deposition video once again marring the Canadian pop singer's reputation.

Guardians of the Galaxy trailer unveils Marvel's misfit superhero team

Categories: Books, Celebrities, Featured, Movies

Since Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt debuted the anticipated film's trailer Tuesday night, the interwebs have been buzzing. Comedy, space travel and a plethora of aliens feature prominently in the footage that introduces the motley team of misfit superheroes.