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Goddess of Thunder? The new female Thor

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3D Charlie Brown and Snoopy debut in Peanuts teaser trailer

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Though Hollywood's proclivity toward remakes, reboots and revisiting popular pop culture of the past typically incites eye-rolling, it's hard to deny the frisson that arises when hearing the first few bars of Vince Guaraldi's iconic Charlie Brown Theme in the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Peanuts 3D film.

Olympic throwback: the history of art medals at the Games

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Brace yourselves, Olympics-watchers: put aside snowboarding, hockey and skiing for a minute. Did you know that beyond handing out awards for, say, ice skating or curling, the International Olympic Committee once handed out prizes for art?

Machinima art series revisits Oka Crisis, moments in native history

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Military vehicles sit next to a barricade along a stretch of Quebec highway, near disputed land close to the small town of Oka. Tensions are high and violence seems imminent. The scene is familiar, but you're not watching an archival news clip: this is TimeTravellertm, a video art series looking back at key moments in history from a distinctly First Nations perspective.

Chinese movie-making explored in dual TIFF video-art exhibit

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Toronto-area devotees of Chinese film are in for a treat this season with TIFF's vast summer movie sked A Century of Chinese Cinema. A complementary video-art exhibit aaims to expand the conversation about the Asian nation's movie-making history.

Girls, Gaga, Oz and Verdi: looking ahead to 2013

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As a fresh new year begins, CBC Arts takes a glimpse at some arts and entertainment happenings about to unfold. Be they outstanding productions or cringe-inducing wrecks, these are just a few of the shows, books, albums, musicals, films and events we just can't wait to check out in 2013.

Twitter experiment celebrates Tom Thomson online

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A distinctly Canadian social media experiment has unfurled over Twitter this summer, uniting fans of artist Tom Thomson across the internet, as well as those simply curious about the enduring mystery of his death. The voice behind the digital diary looks back over the project, shares what surprised him and discusses plans for the future with Jessica Wong.

Tweeting Tom Thomson

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Nearly a century after his mysterious death, both the evocative art and the tale of Tom Thomson continue to captivate us. But what he would have been like on Twitter? A historically sensitive Thomson buff is answering that very question.

Sweet music video made from 288,000 jelly beans

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A vibrant stop-motion music video using 288,000 jelly beans has become a sweet YouTube sensation, logging nearly two million hits in just a few days.

Star Wars saga rendered in construction paper

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Who needs to wait and see Luke Skywalker and his dark-helmeted daddy duke it out in 3D when you can see the epic battle rendered in construction paper?