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Soaring dragons, giant three-headed dogs, talking spiders: the fantastic beasts of Harry Potter's world are apparently headed back to a screen near a new film trilogy. The revelation follows the now de rigueur notion that all YA-inspired movie adaptations must come in threes and the belief that pop culture fans can't get enough of producers milking these make-believe worlds.

FILM REVIEW: The Lunchbox

Two strangers in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai are unexpectedly united by the city's famed midday-meal couriers in The Lunchbox, a delicious treat that will wash away the taste of prefab Hollywood love stories and a tale to truly savour, says Eli Glasner.
Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac is everything you think -- and maybe fear -- it will be, says arts reporter and average filmgoer Zulekha Nathoo. And yet, by the end, she wasn't particularly moved or repulsed, but left the theatre almost as numb as the main character.
Just when you thought Pharrell Williams couldn't get any Happy-er, the man behind the hit song has become the face of the 2014 International Day of Happiness, joining with the UN Foundation and people worldwide sharing footage of themselves singing, dancing, playing or doing whatever makes them feel jolly.
Though Hollywood's proclivity toward remakes, reboots and revisiting popular pop culture of the past typically incites eye-rolling, it's hard to deny the frisson that arises when hearing the first few bars of Vince Guaraldi's iconic Charlie Brown Theme in the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Peanuts 3D film.
Justin Bieber's bad-boy antics, brushes with the law and regular displays of bratty behaviour increasingly overshadow his musical career, with excerpts from a new deposition video once again marring the Canadian pop singer's reputation.
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