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Poor li'l Justin Bieber: 2014 just doesn't seem to be shaping up any better than his disastrous past year, with a new "We the People" online petition at calling for the troubled singer's ejection from the U.S. and return to Canada.
Industry watchers and devoted Quentin Tarantino fans already knew he was working on an ensemble western to be called The Hateful Eight. But now, after his first draft was leaked, the Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Django Unchained filmmaker says he's shelving the project.
What Oscar-nominated movie contains the most foul language? Who's the youngest Oscar nominee ever to snag three nods? Just how many times has Woody Allen or Meryl Streep been up for an Academy Award? Following Thursday's early-morning revelation of the latest batch of nominees, we've come across some interesting, quirky, remarkable and mind-boggling tidbits to share.
Baby, it's cold outside (and, more likely than not, icy), so wily TV programmers have unleashed a fantastic crop of enticing dramas, mysteries, sci-fi tales and comedies to tempt us towards our cozy couches and the tube (or online, if that's how you roll).

Michael Bay's onstage CES flub

He's in the highest echelon of Hollywood directors known for big-budget explosions and bone-crunching spectacle, but Michael Bay is also just like us: a regular joe who can flub a major presentation, as seen at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.
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