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With his latest work, comic book veteran Paul Pope has created a template-smashing new kind of superhero: Battling Boy, a kid (admittedly the offspring of gods) who sets out to protect other kids. "The thing that's attractive about kids as characters is that, if anything, they represent potential," he tells CBC News.
Escape from Tomorrow is a surprisingly twisted take on the so-called "Happiest Place on Earth." Shot in Disney theme parks, the movie is a dark and demented exploration of the mid-life crisis. Filmed in velvety black and white on SLR cameras wielded by crew members disguised as tourists, the movie is filled with provocative images, but also (sadly) shallow characters, says Eli Glasner.

FILM REVIEW: 12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave, the new movie from British director Steve McQueen, is filled with equal parts beauty and brutality, says Eli Glasner. We're chained to Solomon Northup, making his unimaginable predicament incredibly personal for the audience. It's a film to be watched, witnessed, celebrated and savoured.


Carrie is yet another needless Hollywood remake aimed at a theatre-going audience perhaps too young to recall the original. The new remake of the horror classic offers little more than age-appropriate casting and computer-generated gore, says Eli Glasner.
"Right now, it feels really good to be Indian." It's been a banner year for indigenous cinema and that closing line from the film Empire of Dirt, produced by and starring Saulteaux filmmaker Jennifer Podemski, is a sentiment that prevails more than ever as this year's imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival takes place in Toronto.
You might be forgiven if you think Beyond: Two Souls is a Hollywood film instead of a video game. The cover features a digital render of actor Ellen Page, who plays the lead character Jodie, while she and co-star Willem Dafoe's names are listed at the top of all promotional materials. But this new release from French studio Quantic Dream blurs the line more and more between filmmaking and video games.
Military vehicles sit next to a barricade along a stretch of Quebec highway, near disputed land close to the small town of Oka. Tensions are high and violence seems imminent. The scene is familiar, but you're not watching an archival news clip: this is TimeTravellertm, a video art series looking back at key moments in history from a distinctly First Nations perspective.
Sci-fi fans are abuzz today after hearing some promising news: that actor Harrison Ford has "been chatting" with director Ridley Scott about an in-the-works sequel to their influential thriller Blade Runner.

FILM REVIEW: Runner Runner

If you're looking to bet on Justin Timberlake, don't double down on his acting. Runner Runner is a flop of a gambling movie, saved only by the casual and cruel performance of Ben Affleck as a dangerous online gambling tycoon, says Eli Glasner.
Glee producers have unveiled a promo for next week's emotional episode addressing the death of Finn Hudson, played by the late Cory Monteith. The death of the Canadian actor's beloved character is the focus of the tribute, entitled The Quarterback.
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