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Who inspired Tony Montana's accent in Scarface? Why was Al Pacino not originally favoured for The Godfather? And where exactly did Scent of a Woman's now-famed "Hoo-ah" come from? Acclaimed actor Pacino is apparently ready to answer those and other fan questions in Toronto this fall when he brings his one-man show to Canada.

FILM REVIEW: The Wolverine

Though The Wolverine is actually Hugh Jackman's second solo adventure as the adamantium-clawed, mutant Canuck hero, we now have a film worthy of one of Marvel's most enduring characters, says Eli Glasner.
As the Trayvon Martin case divides the U.S. along race lines once again, Ryan Coogler's film Fruitvale Station -- inspired by another controversial death -- puts audiences squarely in the shoes of a young black man caught between his potential and his past.
It's not every day that a videogame developer creates a new game while sitting next to an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, but for one weekend in August, the Royal Ontario Museum is opening its doors to game creators who will roam through exhibits to gain inspiration for brand new titles.

FILM REVIEW: Byzantium

Another stab at a vampire film by director Neil Jordan, Byzantium tells the tale of two women born centuries ago but frozen at the age when they turned. Dark, brooding and almost noir, the film has a bittersweet bite and a tale worth watching, says Eli Glasner.


Starring Mads Mikkelsen, The Hunt presents the distinctive Danish actor in a battle he can't win, a kindergarten teacher drowning in a sea of suspicion. A simple tale, starkly told, says Eli Glasner.

FILM REVIEW: Grown Ups 2

It's strangely fascinating to watch a star of Adam Sandler's magnitude -- with the power to recruit half of Hollywood -- churn out the laziest comedy in recent memory. A cavalcade of stars join him in the race to the bottom that is Grown Ups 2.

FILM REVIEW: Pacific Rim

Wading into a summer of somber superheroes, blockbuster explosions and epic destruction comes Pacific Rim, an uncomplicated film by Guillermo del Toro that simply delights with pleasures big and small.
A revealing look at the art of backup singing, the documentary 20 Feet From Stardom packs an emotional wallop. Filled with dynamic vocal performances, it's not to be missed, says Eli Glasner.
Jelena Adzic reviews Pedro Almodovar's cinematic romp on a plane. I'm So Excited begins with a cameo by Penelope Cruz, but once she leaves, the film descends into a high camp outing involving a plane full of drug-addled strangers. It's silly season for the usually savvy Spanish director.
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