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Reaction to Game of Thrones shocker The Red Wedding

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There continue to be reverberations from Sunday night's Game of Thrones shocker - the episode that includes the Red Wedding. Read no further if you don't know what happens.

People who've read George R.R. Martin's fantasy series know it's never good to get attached to his characters because he kills them off with great fervour. And we have to assume that the readers are the ones setting up the cameras to catch reaction from family and friends who've become immersed in the series.

Judging by Martin's interview with Conan O'Brien Wednesday night, those are exactly the kind of reactions Martin cultivates. (He cackles a bit when told he'll be shown video of fan reaction.)

"I always like the suspense to be real. I want my readers, I want my viewers to be afraid," he says Even some of the cast are unprepared for what he dishes out.

Some Game of Thrones viewers have not forgiven the series for killing off Ned Stark, apparently the only upright man in Westeros, at the end of season 1. Season 3 sees his family scattered to the winds and prey to the brutal medieval world Martin has created.

What do the fans think? Was the Red Wedding over-the-top? Or are you anxious for the next twist in the tale?

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