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Ricky Gervais resurrects David Brent for YouTube Comedy Week

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Ricky Gervais has resurrected his David Brent character from the U.K. edition of The Office as a kickoff to YouTube comedy week. A trailer on the Ricky Gervais channel has Brent giving a guitar lesson with his customary squirming ineptitude.

YouTube is recruiting a lot of high-priced talent to kick off its week devoted to comedy spots. Arnold Schwarzenegger tells us he's pumped about it in a trailer touting his love for comedy with several comedy cameos and Sarah Silverman teams up with CollegeHumor 's Jake and Amir for a fake laughing contest.

That's just to whet our appetites for a week of comedy from May 19-25. YouTube announced Comedy Week in April promising a live-streaming show featuring both big names and emerging talent. The team behind AutoTune the News and Epic Rap Battles of History join comedians such as Vince Vaughn, David Mitchell, Jamie Oliver, Seth Rogen, Midnight Beast, Tomska and Danisnotonfire.

It's a first for YouTube, which is promising comedy with more edge than comedians can deliver on TV. It will dig into the ranks of viral video for some content, but is also commissioning original programming. YouTube's head of marketing Danielle Tiedt said that Comedy Week was just the beginning of the site's plans to launch coordinated video slates.

British comedian Gervais, who already uses the internet to impressive effect, calls video sites "an important player" in the future of comedy.

Besides, who couldn't use a laugh.

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