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Starring Matthew Fox and featuring Tommy Lee Jones as the iconic Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the new film Emperor explores the fate of Japan after the Second World War. But in the battle between historical fidelity and movie melodrama, the latter triumphs, says Eli Glasner.
A WMD -- weapon of mass distraction -- aimed straight at children of the 80s, G.I. Joe: Retaliation is latest crime against cinema from toy-maker Hasbro. Eli Glasner runs down what to expect.
It's a damp evening as Canadian Music Week ends in Toronto, but three new discoveries provide the fire -- Toronto's Alright Alright, Ottawa's Zoo Legacy and Swiss-German band Boy. Laura Thompson was there.
Fans eager to see more of Jim Carrey have an usual offering to peruse today: a spoof song entitled Cold Dead Hand that skewers gun lobbyists. The Canadian-born actor has been outspoken about his feelings on U.S. gun legislation, especially via Twitter. Is this worthy satire or should he get off his digital soapbox?
Canadian Music Week never fails to mean discoveries. Laura Thompson takes us through a single evening, from unforgettable sets by Vancouver's The Zolas and Japan's Yuichiro Tokuda to acts by less-than-inspiring bands who have a distance to go before they quit their day jobs.


A fearless, teen cave-gal named Eek and a geeky innovator named Guy are the heroes at the centre of The Croods. Eli Glasner finds the animated film about a Cro-Magnon family is full of fresh ideas.
Jay Leno's bitter monologues about NBC executives ("snakes") and the network's low ratings are just the surface indications of an incipient late night TV war. Leno has a contract until 2014, but the New York Times is reporting NBC is preparing the groundwork for cutting him loose, presumably for Jimmy Fallon. And NBC confirmed today it is building a New York studio for Fallon, moving his show from Burbank, California.
Four months after Superstorm Sandy, many Americans on the Eastern seaboard are still waiting for some form of compensation so they can rebuild. Sandy lured high-profile artists to fundraising concerts. Now it's the turn of a group of Canadians, including Sarah Slean, Marc Jordan and Sam Roberts.
Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience has landed with a hollow thud. Where is the hungry young artist who charmed his way out of NSync and onto the solo stage? He's been replaced by a dude in a suit, who may have nothing to say this time out, but still feels entitled to our attention.
Selena Gomez is a savvy actress who made a major misstep on the Tonight Show with David Letterman with an airy remark about having made Justin Bieber cry. Few relationships end without someone getting hurt, but when it comes to talking about it in public, least said, soonest mended.
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