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Oscar swag the ultimate consolation prize

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At this weekend's Academy Awards, even the nominees who don't win a golden statue will still get to take home an impressive consolation prize.

 Gourmet maple syrup from Canadian company Rouge Maple will be inside this year's gift bags at the Oscars. (Rouge Maple)

Distinctive Assets, the Los Angeles marketing company behind the famed Oscar "swag bags," has put together an assortment of products — from water-filtration systems to all-inclusive luxury vacation packages — all totalling over $47,000 US in value.

A Canadian company called Rouge Maple made the cut this year, with $120 worth of its gourmet maple syrup products to be included in the gift bags.

Here are some of the strangest and most extravagant freebies the nominees can look forward to:

  • a six-pack of Naked condoms, marketed as "the finest condoms in the world" ($20).
  • Bonita Platinum tequila, bottled in pure crystal and endorsed by rapper Xzibit ($99).
  • a Njoy King tobacco-less electronic cigarette, which offers the "look, feel and flavor of the real thing" ($40).
  • access to Heathrow by Invitation, a private VIP service offered by London's Heathrow airport ($1,800).
  • the Vampire FaceLift, a "custom designer procedure" that involves injecting fillers, stem cells and plasma into your face ($5,000).
  • tickets to see Le Petit Cirque, North American's only all-kid professional-level cirque troupe ($400).
  • a luxury vacation package to one of two private resorts in Australia ($12,000).
  • TV host Leeza Gibbon's book, Take 2: Your Guide to Creating Happy Endings and New Beginnings ($24).
  • a bottle of Windex Touch-up Cleaner ($3.99).

— by Althea Manason

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