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6 bone-crushing football films

Gridiron athletes, embattled coaches, behind-the-scenes politics and hedonistic partying -- football films have definitely carved out a distinctive niche in the history of cinema. As NFL fans gear up for this weekend's Super Bowl, CBC News offers a quick look at 6 noteworthy films of the bone-crushing genre.

FILM REVIEW: Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies director Jonathan Levine breathes new life into the undead with the story of a zombie who falls in love. R, played by Nicholas Hoult, spends his days shuffling around a deserted airport until the day a girl, Julie, twigs some human spark in him. It's a mash-up of rom-com and horror, with enough twists to be truly engaging, Eli Glasner discovers.
It's been nearly seven years since Justin Timberlake brought the SexyBack, but the former Mouseketeer and boy band alum has lined up a few major gigs next month — including the Grammys — to launch his long-awaited new album. Having spent the last few years on his fashion label, acting career and love life, Timberlake is returning to music with album The 20/20 Experience in March.
With wins at the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Producers Guild Awards, Argo is scooping up loads of movie world glory as the Academy Awards approach. It's been an unexpected, but perhaps unsurprising, development. Ben Affleck's thriller delivers a warm and tidy package, without any dirty politics, that makes Hollywood feel good about itself.
Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton do their best to save Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, with game performances as a duo who grow up to be bounty hunters. But there's only so much they can do with this medieval muddle of gingerbread houses, crude witches and modern firepower.

FILM REVIEW: Knife Fight

At first glance, Knife Fight looks like a promising political satire. A Democrat damage control wiz co-wrote the screenplay and the film features two familiar faces from The West Wing. Unfortunately the story of Knife Fight isn't as sharp as it thinks it is, writes Eli Glasner.


Continuing a career built on charming thugs, Jason Statham appears as Parker, a thief with a strict code of conduct. It's boilerplate stuff for fans of the bald Brit, but Jennifer Lopez seems an unnecessary addition to the formulaic film.
In its new video "Wheels, Ontario - Roll With It," Comedy Central's Kroll Show delivers an over-the-top message generations of young Canadian TV viewers can really roll with. Have a laugh as the life lessons of Degrassi are taken too far.

FILM REVIEW: The Last Stand

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in his first feature film in over a decade in The Last Stand. While the plot is predictable and the characters cartoonish, the combination of an age-appropriate role and an energetic Korean director may be impossible to resist for the former Terminator's legion of fans.

FILM REVIEW: Gangster Squad

Gangster Squad is a crime film where most of the pleasures are found on the surface. While the movie is predictable with generic action elements, the L.A. noir look of 1949 gives the shoot 'em up a sense of style.
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