FILM REVIEW: Anna Karenina

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In an audacious adaptation, director Joe Wright takes no prisoners with Tolstoy's classic novel Anna Karenina, adding a theatrical flourish to the story of love lost and found. While Keira Knightley and Jude Law shine, the real star is Wright's direction, which invites us to engage in an act of imagination.

Why Oprah Winfrey wants to know Justin Bieber

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Oprah Winfrey may well have time to get to know Stratford, Ont. superstar Justin Bieber in her interview with him to be aired Sunday. It's hard to say with an 18-year-old who lives in the public spotlight whether there's anything he can add to his already polished image. But the point of the interview may be more to introduce Oprah to Bieber's millions of social media followers.

FILM REVIEW: Silver Linings Playbook

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A rom-com about mental illness, Silver Linings Playbook, the new movie starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, is a film with many sides, says Eli Glasner. Unconventional and comedic, its portrait of two people who refuse to be defined by their condition is ultimately moving.

Last holdouts AC/DC now on iTunes

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With a new album, Live at River Plate, due to come out later this month, Australian rockers AC/DC have accepted that iTunes is the way to reach a young generation. One of the last classic rock groups to hold out against digital music, they announced Monday they would move their back catalogue onto iTunes. That leaves only country singer Garth Brooks to come into the iTunes fold.

FILM REVIEW: Twilight - Breaking Dawn, Part 2

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The sun is finally setting (or is it rising?) on Stephenie Meyer's romance-ready vampires in The Twilight Saga. But Breaking Dawn - Part 2 offers some surprises: we've gone from sparkly to savage, with Bella now leading the charge against the evil Volturi. The newbie vampire heroine is improvement from the last instalment, but her change doesn't make up for movie's muddled middle and head-scratching finale, says CBC reviewer Eli Glasner.

You've come a long way, Bond babes. Or have you?

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With the release of Skyfall, Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris join the line of beddable women who have stood by 007's side. Daniel Craig has been welcomed by critics as a James Bond for the modern age. But looking at the beauties who surround him, Deana Sumanac wonders when the Bond girls will evolve along with him.


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Bond is back and renewed like never before in a movie that pays tribute to the past while making the case for 007's relevance. Daniel Craig gives us a Bond who is humbled and human, sent into the field by a commander (Judi Dench's M) harbouring her own doubts. Visually stunning, Skyfall has all the fun plus a few smart twists on the Bond formula.

Meet the GG contenders for children's books

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Canada has a rich vein of literature for children and young adults, rightly celebrated with prizes such as the Canadian Children's Book Awards and the Governor General's Literary Awards in children's text, which will announce its winners next week. Susan Noakes talks to the five writers vying for the GG for children's writing about what inspires their imaginations.


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A film about an amazing mid-air incident gets hijacked by a story about addiction in the new movie Flight by Robert Zemeckis. While Denzel Washington, John Goodman and Don Cheadle turn in strong performances, the trajectory is just too predictable, says film reviewer Eli Glasner.