South Park takes aim at Lance Armstrong

Categories: Television

South Park made its place in the TV universe by taking on American stereotypes and stripping away taboos. So it's no surprise that when a sports hero known for beating cancer is knocked from his perch over doping allegations, the animated satire takes the mickey out of him and out of our ridiculous reverence for sports icons.

The Walking Dead of the publishing world

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Zombies? Everybody loves them -- including Margaret Atwood, who is publishing a serialized zombie novel on Wattpad and co-written with a British novelist she's mentoring. Wattpad lets you read content for free and doesn't pay its writers, which begs the question: How will writers be paid for their work in future? In a week when another traditional Canadian publisher seems ready to join the walking dead, it's a pressing concern for the scribes of the world.

FILM REVIEW: The Paperboy

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A film featuring Nicole Kidman as woman with a dangerous obsession with a convicted killer, The Paperboy is filled with uncomfortable moments designed to unsettle you. It can be bold and brutal, but Eli Glasner says director Lee Daniels gets great performances out of his actors. Despite the difficult scenes, the newest movie from the director of Precious rewards us with moments of quiet tenderness and characters that constantly surprise.

Canadian ingenuity on YouTube

Categories: Social Media

Meet some Canadians who are using online videos -- not for kitten tricks or playing air guitar -- but for educating others about math and science. YouTube was so impressed with the growth of education channels on the web, it set up a contest to groom the best creators and have them learn from one another.

FILM REVIEW: Stories We Tell

Categories: Movies

Sarah Polley's Stories We Tell is a manic mix of home movie footage, a Greek chorus of siblings and friends as well as her father sharing a sprawling story of her late mother. It shouldn't have worked, yet the documentary hangs together and offers so much more than just a Canadian filmmaker exploring a family secret. Its stories overlap, contradict and reinforce each other and greater truths emerge as a kaleidoscope of emotions, love and regret comes into focus.


Categories: Movies

A breathless dash for freedom that takes some equally breathless liberties with the facts, Argo is a classic bit of Hollywood entertainment, a great escape set during the Iran Hostage crisis. Eli Glasner weighs Ben Affleck's take on Canada's heroic moment in Argo, one of a crop of political films in which a story from the past holds a mirror up to the present.

Sarah Brightman and Chris Hadfield: Musicians in space

Categories: Celebrities

Soprano Sarah Brightman announced Wednesday that she would be singing among the stars, probably in 2015, as a space tourist aboard the International Space Station. But she won't be the first to exercise her vocal chords in zero gravity. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield also has plans to sing in space.

Welcome to my McCartney years

Categories: Music

The Beatles' debut single Love Me Do was the beginning of the Fab Four's fabulous catalogue....and also the beginning of the age-old argument among fans: who was a bigger creative genius, John or Paul? Deana Sumanac explains the evolution of her own Best Beatle affections.

Rush and the long road to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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It's no coincidence that Canadian band Rush is on the long list of potential inductees for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for the first time this year, the first year fans get a vote in the process. Rush has long been snubbed by the influential group of music critics that nominates candidates for the Hall of Fame, but even they must know the Rock Hall risks its relevancy when it ignores a band with such a large and loyal fan base.

Jack White and the restless folks at Radio City

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Jack White played just 12 songs at his Radio City Music Hall concert Saturday night before walking off the stage, leaving the Twitter-verse fuming. Never one to explain himself, White has not said a word about the incident. A restless audience meets an enigmatic artist and the result is...wait until the next show.