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Whether due to a hot director, an impressive cast, an extraordinary film shoot or perhaps previous kudos earned, a smaller crop of titles inevitably separate from the vast lineup of movies chosen to screen at the Toronto International Film Festival. CBC looks at 13 buzzworthy films heading into the fest.
In this car-centric world, we seldom get to see the bicycle showcased in movie story-telling. The release of Premium Rush, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a bike messenger making every move he shouldn't as he evades the bad guys, gives us the perfect excuse to look back at a host of films that provide the humble bicycle the attention it deserves.

Let's hear it for the girls

Remember when people used to share music by passing around mix tapes? or mix CDs? Two DJs are creating the same effect -- but with better production values -- on the Chickswithhits website, which has three plus hours of music by female artists of the 1980s and '90s. Fun.
Quick cinematic swipes at some new movies in theatres: The luscious looking but naturalistic Farewell My Queen about one servant's obsession with Marie Antoinette; Hit and Run, a road comedy with good chemistry but bad chases; And a couple reasons why Killer Joe should not be missed.

Everyone involved in publishing is just trying things out in the digital world to see what works. Random House of Canada, a unit of one of the world's biggest publishing houses, has launched a new digital line of shorter, punchier books beginning with an eyewitness account of the Arab Spring from a Canadian journalist. Plus it's wooing readers with a new online magazine.


A pleasant summer surprise amid a season packed with explosions, the animated stop-motion kids film ParaNorman offers a refreshing take on the tale of a young outcast thanks to its good writing, some counterintuitive casting and the innovative work of animation studio Laika. The ghoulish adventure has got tons of heart and smarts, says Eli Glasner.
Bigger. Louder. Grumpier. Sylvester Stallone returns to lead a team of action icons in the sequel The Expendables 2, which lumbers into theatres like a heavy ammo edition of Hollywood Squares amped up on Red Bull and Botox. Though the new movie casts a wide net to bring us a trove of has-been action stars, it lacks the firepower of the classic films that inspired our affection for them, says Eli Glasner.

Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow's movie about the hunt for Osama bin Laden had to be remade after the capture of the al-Qaeda leader last year. With a U.S. presidential election set for November, it's been delayed again, so that traditionally Democrat Hollywood cannot be accused of supporting the Obama campaign by reminding Americans who was in charge when bin Laden was caught. Watch the first trailer for Zero Dark Thirty, and see Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln in another film that considered election timing.

More than a decade after her death, Aaliyah's smooth voice reverberates throughout a freshly released track Enough Said, featuring Toronto rapper Drake. Although some love the collaboration, others are critical of Drake's involvement in what is potentially one song in a posthumous album.

The three pillars of the Olympic movement are sport, education and culture and Britain has put a lot of resources into a 12-week cultural festival in addition to the splashy opening and closing ceremonies. As Jordan Wade reports for CBC, the Cultural Olympiad plays second fiddle to the sports events, but also enhances the Olympic experience for visitors from around the world.
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