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Tweeting Tom Thomson

Nearly a century after his mysterious death, both the evocative art and the tale of Tom Thomson continue to captivate us. But what he would have been like on Twitter? A historically sensitive Thomson buff is answering that very question.
Madonna had an "oops" moment during her rehearsal in Israel for an upcoming tour - slipping some lyrics from Born This Way into a performance of Express Yourself. That can't be an accident for this shrewd navigator of pop trends. Could Madge be trying just a little too hard for the spotlight?
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back in the action sequel Men in Black 3, a third instalment of a series now 15 years old. Though new addition Josh Brolin manages some amazing mimicry as a younger version of Jones, the story doesn't measure up to the weird and wonderful charms of the original, says film reviewer Eli Glasner.
Queen Victoria was Britain's longest-serving monarch, reigning from 1837 to 1901, and a faithful diarist, recording more than 40,000 pages as well as creating delightful pen and ink drawings. The volumes have been in the Royal Archives since her death, accessible only to scholars, but beginning Thursday, they've been moved online.
It seems somehow fitting that Whitney Houston's final release is an upbeat and uplifting duet in which she passes the torch to a younger singer with vocal powerhouse potential. In the high energy song Celebrate, from the upcoming film Sparkle, Houston duets with singer and former American Idol Jordin Sparks.
With new movies featuring Sasha Baron Cohen and Jack Black in theatres this weekend, Eli Glasner takes a closer look at how the funny men have evolved. Without real people as his foil, Cohen doesn't seem as funny in The Dictator. Meanwhile, it's the real-life Texas tattletales that make small town tale Bernie sing.
Sometimes, after an exhausting week, nothing clears the mind like an hour or two of the Kardashians dishing about their marital problems while looking incredibly bored and playing with their hair extensions. But a new entry to the reality show universe has got Deana Sumanac riled up: Mrs. Eastwood and Company, which reveals the home life of American filmmaking icon Clint Eastwood through the eyes of his wife and children.
Lip dubs are nothing new, but a fan-made production starring a feisty group of cancer-stricken kids, family members and nurses has earned a high-profile fan: pop star Kelly Clarkson. The spunky Seattle troupe sing, dance and strut to her tune Stronger in a new viral video that offers a different interpretation of and touching nuance to the chart-topping pop anthem.

FILM REVIEW: Dark Shadows

With Tim Burton's campy remake of TV soap Dark Shadows, audiences should expect the expected: a spooky gothic mansion, a velvety purple tint, Danny Elfman's music and an over-the-top Johnny Depp, says Eli Glasner.
You know those songs, movies or stories that take you right back to being a kid? Those invoking the tastes, the feelings, the smells of that precise time and place in your life when you first heard, watched or read them? For arts producer Ilana Banks, it's Maurice Sendak and Carole King's musical Really Rosie that sparks that nostalgia.
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