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5 memorable Oscar moments

The Academy Awards gala is a strange annual tradition. What started out as a non-televised industry event has become Hollywood's biggest night, aka an overly long back-slapping fest packed to the rafters with stars who look dazzling, but often disappoint when they open their mouths. Still, even for a grizzled Oscar-watcher, there were a few highlights peppered throughout -- spots where honest reactions, true spontaneity and veritable talent shone through.

What not to do with an Oscar

Kevin Kline and Canadian comedian Mike Myers, wearing the world's worst comb-over, have created an Oscar etiquette video for Funny or Die. After accusing Kline of turning his statuette upside-down, Myers dispenses advice on exactly how to hold it.
This year's Oscar best actress race features seasoned performers like Meryl Streep and Viola Davies, who rise above the quality of the films they star in, up against younger counterparts making a splash. Meanwhile, the contest for best supporting actress is showcasing talent such as Melissa McCarthy, who came out of the blue, stole the spotlight and impressed Hollywood. Susan Noakes outlines their chances at the Academy Awards.

As The Simpsons approaches its 500th show, the sitcom tested its own longevity with an Ultimate Fan Marathon that demanded fans watch the show continuously until they'd set a Guinness World Record. The winners, ultimate couch potatoes Jeremiah Franco and Carin Shreve, watched for 86 hours and 37 minutes.
When Glee included a rendition of I Will Always Love You, sung by Amber Riley (Mercedes), in its Valentine's Day episode, it was pure serendipity. The performance had been planned as one of several songs celebrating love and, after Whitney Houston's death Saturday, the network added a line of tribute to the woman who made the song famous.
The Grammy Awards are over, but the Twitter-verse still has Chris Brown on its mind. Many are debating whether the man who assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna ahead of the 2009 ceremony should have been rewarded with so much stage time at this year's awards gala. And Brown's own tweets crowing about his Grammy win haven't helped redeem his reputation.
The Notebook versus Out of Sight. High Fidelity versus The Family Man. On a day devoted to strong emotions, it seems appropriate to passionately debate about the best cinematic love stories. CBC film critic Eli Glasner faces off against arts producer Ilana Banks about the top movies with which to woo your sweetheart on Valentine's Day. And they ask: What's your favourite romantic movie?
Spider-Man? Yes. Amazing? Maybe. The first full-length trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man -- the reboot of the comic-turned-movie trilogy -- has been released. But considering the previous movie franchise ended a mere five years ago and that we've been bombarded with stories about the troubled Broadway musical adaptation since then, this reboot does beg the question: Do we really need to revisit Spider-Man?

FILM REVIEW: The Woman in Black

A mediocre movie filled with predictable thrills, The Woman in Black is saved by the performance of Daniel Radcliffe. While the story won't shock horror fans, it displays Radcliffe's magic touch at conveying emotion, and hints that he'll be a presence on the screen for years to come.


Miss Bala is a bold film that shows us the personal price of Mexico's drug war says Eli Glasner. With a keen eye and unrelenting gaze, director Gerardo Naranjo gives a first-person perspective on a country in crisis.
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