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Santa Claus is pop and lock with Bieber

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I'll admit it's easy to pick on Justin Bieber, but given the sheer metric tonnage of media coverage we've devoted to the pride of Stratford, I try to give him a break. Somewhere in the midst of the gooey pop music machine is a talented teen who likes to sing. You'd be surprised at the number of critics who were charmed by Never Say Never.

That said, the latest music video from the Petit Purple One is a Bieber too far. First of all, what's with the poor Jackson 5 ripoff? Santa Claus Is Coming to Town has never sounded closer toI Want You Back -- right down to the chugging rhythm guitar.

And Steampunk elves? Really? Is that a Nintendo power glove? You'd think one of Santa's robotic little helpers could have stitched up poor Bieber's ripped pants.

Bieber might have a gazillion Twitter followers and friends like Mariah Carey on speed dial, but surely he could do better than this Boxes R' US warehouse filled with Santa's b-boys and gals.

What do you think of Bieber's X-mas effort?

What's at the top of your holiday hit list?

Myself I'll stick with the original J.B. to get the spirit flowing.

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