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Fearful films for Halloween

If you're looking to stay in on Halloween, Eli Glasner has some recommendations for film fans, scardey cats and people who love zombies.

FILM REVIEW: The Rum Diary

A passion project made for his real-life friend, The Rum Diary is an ode to Hunter S Thompson starring Johnny Depp. But fans of the gonzo journalist will be disappointed by this deranged and disjointed island adventure about a writer looking for his voice.


In the dystopian near future of In Time, the rich live forever and the poor toil mightily for a few extra minutes. Justin Timberlake plays a Robin Hood figure who upsets the balance of this clockwork society. It's a promising concept that ends up as a waste of time.

Meeting a Muppet

From the days of disco to the mp3, Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy have remained pretty much the same characters so many of us grew up with. So meeting the green wonder himself was a chance to look back on some old friends and look ahead to his movie project, The Muppets.
William Shatner is boldly going into new realms of self-parody with a two-disc album highlighting his unique brand of spoken-word interpretation. Still, nothing comes close to the epic strangeness of the Shat taking on the Queen classic Bohemian Rhapsody.
A zany riff on a classic tale The Three Musketeers 3D sacrifices story in favour of over-the-top action and cartoonish characters. While the heroes are ho-hum it's the bad guys who rescue this romp.

King Khan returns

Attention Toronto-area Bollywood fans: Get ready for a return visit from one of Indian cinema's biggest stars: Shah Rukh Khan. The charismatic performer dubbed King Khan is coming back to premiere his anticipated, special effects-laden 3D action-thriller, Ra.One.
Forget Dancing with the Stars, we're loving the doctoral candidates who are busting out some interesting moves for the 2011 Dance Your PhD contest and explaining their complex areas of research through videos filled with hip hop, ballet, Bollywood and other forms of dance.
Toronto's TIFF Bell Lightbox was already slated for a serious injection of glamour this fall with its exhibit Grace Kelly: From Movie Star to Princess. Now, royals fans might be joining cinephiles, fashionistas and Kelly aficionados in line, after TIFF confirmed that Monaco's Prince Albert II and his new wife will open the show.

FILM REVIEW: Take Shelter

Something terrible is approaching in the new movie Take Shelter, but is the danger environmental or something more insidious? Michael Shannon stars in the drama as a hard-working family man plagued by apocalyptic visions.
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