Sketch troupe Picnicface tackles the mainstream

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Comedy troupe Picnicface, the "Halifamous" internet sensation, is making a three-pronged attack on the entertainment world mainstream with a self-titled TV show, a satirical guide to Canada and the feature-length movie Roller Town -- not bad for a bunch of twenty- and thirty-somethings best known for an energy drink spoof.

FILM REVIEW: Our Idiot Brother

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A sensation at Sundance, Our Idiot Brother is a silly story starring a stoner savant. Though the zany comedy is high on laughs, the movie's shallow characters turn the film into farce instead of a story with some real depth.


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The Guard, a dark comedy starring Brendon Gleeson and Don Cheadle, is a buddy movie but also so much more.

FILM REVIEW: Conan the Barbarian and Fright Night

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As studios continue to revamp 80s cinema, the latest instalments feature Jason Momoa of TV hit Game of Thrones as the new Conan and Colin Farrell delving into his dark side in a Fright Night remake. The box office gets two big stars, but only one reboot will leave film fans satisfied.


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A meta-detective story packed with riddles and short on answers, You Are Here is a perplexing and provocative bit of cinema. The first feature-length film from video artist Daniel Cockburn, it stars Tracy Wright as one of many characters searching for a pattern amid the noise.

Relief for Breaking Bad fans

Breaking Bad, undoubtedly one of the finest dramas on television, will be coming back for one final season. The evolution of a high school chemistry teacher into an unlikely crystal meth kingpin has been rivetting and we hope not to wait too long for its final chapter.

Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart are SuperHeavy

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Just when it seems like rock icon Mick Jagger couldn't have any more fun, the 68-year old dons a neon-pink suit and forms a new super group called, appropriately enough, SuperHeavy.

Riled by Rolling Stone's Sheepdogs slight

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Thrilled with The Sheepdogs winning Rolling Stone's Choose the Cover contest, Deana Sumanac's patriotic fervor turned to indignation upon reading the accompanying profile, which she blasts as mean-spirited and littered with Canadian clichés.

A Giller Prize where readers get a say

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For the first time in Giller Prize history, readers are going to have a say in what's nominated for the annual Canadian literary prize through a contest being run by CBC Books. The debate will surly be hot and heavy -- and you only get to nominate one book.