Potential Canadian stop for Millennium series?

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Stieg Larsson's page-turning Millennium series has captured imaginations around the world and any morsel about the unpublished fourth instalment naturally sends fans into a tizzy. A former friend and colleague has sparked a new frenzy by unveiling purported details of the incomplete tome, including it being set in Canada's North.

Celebrating homegrown hip hop

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Hip hop history was made Tuesday night onstage at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, as a dream team of Canadian rappers and DJs from past and present assembled to perform as part of CBC's Hip Hop Summit.

Schwartz's a love story centred on smoked meat

Schwartz's The Musical is a love story to a Montreal institution and Montreal audiences are eating it up. But New York audiences might not be so hungry for a story that centres on the rivalry between Montreal and Toronto, and the marvel of a smoked meat sandwich.

The endearing flaws of Mad Men

The end of season four of Mad Men featured a new twist in the romantic entanglements of Don Draper. And now we're waiting for the drama to begin again...and waiting...and waiting, apparently until 2012.

FILM REVIEW: Sucker Punch

In Sucker Punch, five fearless females, with the power of their presumably bulletproof fishnet stockings and micro mini skirts, transform into kewpie doll warriors destroying giant samurai, dragons, goblins, robots, zombies and the last shred of hope I had left for Hollywood. Zack Snyder's latest effort may be the death knell of the golden age of fanboys.


Director Tom McCarthy specializes in the oh-so human moments that emerge when two characters connect by happenstance. Win Win is the story of a small-town wrestling coach (Paul Giamatti), struggling under the weight of middle-class responsibility, who suddenly gets a star (Alex Shaffer) on his team.

Essential Elizabeth: an appreciation

When a Hollywood great like Elizabeth Taylor dies, it's time to watch some of her finest work. Films such as Giant, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Cleopatra and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf remind us of a time when stars got famous for really acting.

Elizabeth Taylor's screen transformation

Elizabeth Taylor was and always will be the epitome of film glamour. In a film such as A Place in the Sun, it's a wonder Montgomery Clift could maintain his composure playing opposite such beauty. Which makes her transformation into the bawdy Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf all the more remarkable. An unforgettable actress: R.I.P.

Raucous reunion: Death From Above 1979 at SXSW

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Death From Above 1979's first reunion show took place SXSW at 1am Sunday morning in Austin, Texas. The secret performance was hinted at earlier in a video and news quickly spread online. The makeshift venue consisted of a fenced-in portion of a bar's backyard and the capacity was 200 people. By the time I arrived two-and-a-half hours before the start time, the venue was already at capacity. Over the next few hours, hundreds of people filled the back alley and prepared to watch through the fence.


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Paul is a gentle, goofy and occasionally filthy love letter to sci-fi fans everywhere. Seth Rogen stars as a party-hardy alien who takes companions Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Kristen Wiig on a cross-country jaunt. His performance is enhanced by the special effects folks at Double Negative and numerous references to fanboy favourites such as Aliens and Comic-Con.