Oscar-cast highs and lows

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Another Oscars telecast is done and two of the CBC Artsies who watched this year share a few highlights and low points of the 83rd annual Academy Awards.

Oscar winners and might-have-beens

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On Sunday, the curtains go up on the big show. For all of you wading into the Oscar pools, here's a look at who will walk away with the golden boy, and who, in a just world, should to so...

Drive Angry: Pedal to the mental

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What can we expect from Drive Angry, Nicolas Cage's second film of 2011? Looking like a member of a Nickelback cover band, Cage plays Milton: a grimacing, badass daddy who escapes hell to avenge his daughter and save her baby.

Four Lions: Spinal Tap for Suicide Bombers

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Try to imagine The Three Stooges as suicide bombers. That's the volatile concept behind the prickly new British farce Four Lions. Though the humour comes from a dark place, it's one of the funniest -- and at times bravest -- films made about the post-9/11 world we live in.

Watching for potential Oscar upsets

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Academy Award voting is officially closed. Although the film industry at large remains in panic mode, after months of predictions, audiences can now sit back and wait for the likes of Russell Brand and Scarlett Johansson to rip open the envelope and breathlessly utter the words "and the Oscar goes to."

Bieber's new 'do

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Did you feel a pop cultural disturbance in the Force on Monday? Perhaps there was a point during the afternoon when you heard a strange, high-pitched squeal that rang out; a teenage cry that you couldn't attribute to anything specific. Well folks, this might explain it: Justin Bieber got a haircut.

Radiohead returns to Kid A sound with The King of Limbs

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It's been four years since Radiohead released In Rainbows, and given the long wait, it's surprising that the band's new album The King of Limbs clocks in at just over 37 minutes, spread out over eight songs.

Adele's tales of heartbreak top charts

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Move over Fab Four, there's a lady coming through. And instead of stories about falling in love and holding hands, she's got tales of heartbreak. British singer Adele has become the first living artist since the Beatles to have two albums and two singles in the top five of the U.K. charts simultaneously.

A love-hate affair with Rolling Stone

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The cover of the Rolling Stone magazine:the ultimate pop culture symbol that 'you've made it.' Bands that have graced its cover have come and gone, but the institution of the RS cover, and the magazine itself, is still relevant.

Bronze ambition: Robocop to join Rocky, Fonzie

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Statues of prominent figures have long been used to inspire civic pride and, taking a cue from Rocky in Philly, the city of Detroit is poised to get its own movie-inspired ambassador.