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It's that time of year again, folks: Barbara Walters has released her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010. Actually, she only released eight names - you'll have to tune in to her Dec. 9 special on ABC to find out who topped the list.

You know the holiday season is upon us when pop stars churn out "charity-inspired" videos. Justin Bieber has released a video for his new single, Pray, which contains the prophetic lines, "I've got a vision to make a difference, and it's starting today."
Want to watch a young Rocky Balboa get down and dirty? You may soon be luck: the rights to a soft-core porn film starring Sylvester Stallone have been sold for US $412,100, according to Variety.
Danny Williams has announced that he is resigning as premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. A fellow this brash and outspoken is ripe for parody, and in his time in office, Williams inspired some outstanding segments on CBC's news satire, This Hour Has 22 Minutes. We've assembled something of a highlight reel.
One of Sesame Street's most underrated qualities is its smart referencing of prevailing pop culture trends. The show's latest coup involves everyone's favourite glutton, Cookie Monster, and his demo reel for Saturday Night Live. The humour is typically clean, but also damnably clever.
Today's headline: Sarah Palin and French President Nicolas Sarkozy don't like the media!
Well, there's 15 minutes I'll never get back. Last night I tried, and failed, to sit through the premiere of ABC's Skating With the Stars.

On a night that celebrates ridiculousness, it was perhaps the most ridiculous moment of all. The reunion-slash-merger that nobody dared to dream about, much less request: NKOTBSB. That's right, New Kids and the Block and Backstreet Boys, all under one very awkward acronym.

The Arcade Fire has just released a video for The Suburbs, and it's a stunner. Helmed by the always-outstanding Spike Jonze, The Suburbs sees the nimble director casting off some of the lighthearted playfulness of his earlier gems, and opting for something far moodier.

The cast of Glee has finally hit number one on the Billboard charts. Having turned nearly every pop song cover on the Fox series into a chart single, the ensemble made it to the top Thursday night with last week's rendition of the Katy Perry tune Teenage Dream.
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