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Before there was Twitter, there was Larry King's column in USA Today - an unintentionally hilarious stream of non-sequiturs and lame observations about life and showbiz that had many readers questioning the TV host's analytical powers, if not his sanity.

After comments made during BBC radio interview in April fuelled speculation he would be leaving NBC sitcom The Office, Steve Carell has confirmed he will be leaving the popular Thursday night series when his contract expires at the end of the show's seventh season.

In the course of the past week, numerous tributes have been staged to mark the one-year anniversary of the death of King of Pop, Michael Jackson - none more memorable than the musical number performed by R&B artist Chris Brown during the BET Awards.

Fans of homegrown hip-hop sensation Drake just got a little something extra to sing about, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Everybody's favourite man-child Adam Sandler returns to the big screen this weekend, and while that's normally cause for celebration, there's something about Grown Ups that seems more than a little dispiriting.

RIP Tracy Wright

Some very sad news: gifted Toronto stage and film actress Tracy Wright passed away Tuesday. A truly dynamic performer, she forged a lengthy career as one of Canada's most versatile, underrated character actors.

Have you had enough of cinematic remakes? Well, have ya? If so, then you should probably stop reading. If not, then you might be intrigued by the first trailer for the upcoming Green Hornet movie.

The last day of NXNE always feels a bit like the circus has left town. Big-ticket performers are gone, fewer venues are hosting NXNE gigs and festivalgoers are showing major symptoms of battle fatigue. But over at Yonge and Dundas Square on Sunday night, the announcers assured throngs of eager fans: "Sunday -- and the party's still going!"

What a difference a day makes. Following a Friday night when most NXNE festivalgoers had all the energy of castoffs from Night of the Living Dead - my favourite tweet from Friday's NXNE feed: "Unless David Bowie is the secret guest, I'm going the hell home" - everyone rebounded tonight, as the festival offered up one amazing set after another.

After the dizzying highs of Thursday, I suppose it was only natural that night two of my epic band crawl would be a bit of a comedown. There were still plenty of treasures on offer at NXNE, it just took a bit more digging to find them.
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