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Responding to an unflattering cover story of her in the New York Times Magazine, M.I.A. has posted a new song aimed at the journalist in question, Lynn Hirschberg.

With the passing of Dennis Hopper today at age 74, American cinema has lost a true rebel. From the start, "Dennis the Menace" didn't follow industry rules, and although the actor appeared opposite screen royalty - James Dean, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor - he never quite attained that status himself. Still, over the course of a career spanning six decades, this hellraiser delivered some breathtaking performances. Greig Dymond looks at 10 of the most notable.

With news today of Gary Coleman's death, we take a look at the troubled legacy of the three young actors who became famous on Diff'rent Strokes.

RIP Gary Coleman

Former child actor Gary Coleman has died after being hospitalized earlier this week with a head injury. He was 42.

While she normally reserves her most pointed jabs for Sri Lankan politics, today the multi-culti hip-hop artist M.I.A. is taking aim at a different target: journalist Lynn Hirschberg, who wrote a scathing cover story of her for an upcoming issue of the New York Times magazine.

Willie Nelson's new 'do

The rumours are true: famed country singer-songwriter Willie Nelson has cut his hair, trimming off the waist-length braids that have long been a part of his signature look.

RIP Art Linkletter

News just out that Art Linkletter, the legendary Canadian-born,
American-raised TV host, has died. Linkletter is probably best known as
the voice of the variety show House Party, a series that originated on radio in 1945 (and continued until 1967) and had an overlapping run on television (1952-1969).

The show's best-known and best-loved segment was "Kids Say the Darndest Things," in which the garrulous Linkletter interviewed children, with alternately cute and comical results.

Tonight marks not only the finale of a lacklustre season of American Idol, but the exit of judge Simon Cowell. Many AI fans have greeted this prospect with glee, seeing it as the departure of TV's number one antagonist. But I don't think American Idol can survive without him.

The luxurious Dutch Colonial house immortalized in the movie The Amityville Horror (1979) is up for sale, listed at a steep asking price of $1.15 million US.

In his new thriller, Harry Brown, Michael Caine plays an old-age pensioner who lays waste to a gang of pimps, punks and pushers infecting his rundown housing estate. Blunt and two-dimensional, even by revenge-fantasy standards, the film made us nostalgic for better treatments of the revenge theme, from the high art of Hamlet to the dirty thrills of Kill Bill.

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