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In honour of Halloween, we'd like to share the "Pumpkin Dance,” a YouTube clip that's causing a great deal of excitement in our office today.

Illustration by Jillian Tamaki

Rapper N'fa Forster-Jones – who records under the moniker No Fixed Abode – released a video today that was directed by Heath Ledger, the gifted actor who died of an accidental overdose in January 2008. The Ledger-helmed clip, Cause An Effect, features all kinds of striking, surreal flourishes and serves as another bittersweet reminder of Ledger’s many artistic gifts.

When David Letterman opened up on air a couple of weeks ago about a past dalliance with a co-worker, he was trying to expose and thwart an extortion attempt. His public admission shed light not only on his dealings, but the general atmosphere behind the scenes of late-night TV talk shows.

In a pithy web column in Vanity Fair, one-time Letterman staffer Nell Scovell talks about the inter-office sex -- and sexism -- that runs rampant in the biz.

Oscar-winning director and screenwriter Paul Haggis has publicly renounced the Church of Scientology.

The new tell-all from former Full House star Jodie Sweetin is the latest in this autumn's windfall of celebrity-penned memoirs. Here's a sampling of some recent offerings in the subgenre.

Bronson Pinchot clearly doesn't care whether he burns any bridges in Hollywood. The Perfect Strangers star recently gave an interview to the Onion's A.V. Club in which he tears a strip off of former co-stars like Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington and Bette MIdler. If you're into behind-the-scenes gossip, this story is a must-read.

Where the Wild Things Are director Spike Jonze didn't just own movie theatres last weekend -- he also unleashed his demons in cyberspace when We Were Once A Fairytale, a curious collaboration with rapper Kanye West, debuted online.

My eyes are adjusting to daylight after sitting in a dark theatre for the last week at imagineNATIVE.

This was the first year I attended, and one thing that I really liked about it is that the screenings and workshops rarely overlapped. The biggest dilemma, at most festivals, is being forced to choose from events that happen concurrently; I always end up regretting having chosen one over another. At imagineNATIVE, the only problem was exhaustion.

The 10th edition of imagineNATIVE wrapped up last night with the awards ceremony. Here is a list of this year’s winners.

This year, imagineNATIVE rolled out the Embargo Collective, one of its 10th anniversary special programs. The Embargo Collective is a group of seven international indigenous filmmakers, including Rima Tamou and Lisa Jackson, who challenged each other to make seven short films.

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