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There's word today that Jason Mraz's neo-hippie ditty I'm Yours is now officially the all-time longest-running song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, stealing the honour from the previous owner, LeAnn Rimes.

Of all the the songs to achieve immortality! Argghh!

Sad news for '80s kids and fans of quality educational programming. Today marks the final episode of Reading Rainbow, the bookish series that convinced countless kids to view literature as a portal to rousing adventures and interesting discoveries.

The whiz behind many of those recent “literal videos” has released his latest gem. This time out, Dustin McLean leaves garish ‘80s pop tunes behind in favour of Beck’s early-'90s classic, Loser. The scruffy, DIY clip turns out to be a most inspired choice for a literal send-up.

If you've ever harboured a suspicion that snotty young hipsters were actually members of some underground army of mindless, marauding zombies, you'll get a kick out of the latest offering from Toronto soul-metal crew Lullabye Arkestra.

With Fox studios hosting an official “Avatar Day” last week, and viewers reportedly already purchasing tickets to James Cameron’s 3-D extravaganza nearly 4 months in advance of the movie’s December release, it’s safe to say buzz for Avatar couldn’t get any higher. At least that’s what I thought until a trailer was released online earlier this week.

Robotic yet sexy, electro-pop is once again the au courant sound — what with Lady Gaga as the pre-eminent pop sensation, indie hipsters getting down with Cut Copy and Yacht and synth-savvy folks like La Roux, Little Boots and Canada’s own Lights looking like the hot new thing.

Whether you regard the combination of traditional songcraft and sleek, machine-made textures as vanguard music or retro chic, you have to admit that this vision of pop’s future has been with us for a long time. Jason Anderson takes a look back at some key moments in the ever-evolving story of tomorrow’s sound.

After credibly tackling Shakespeare at least three times in the late-90s/early 2000’s, making duds like Down to You seem palatable and holding her own against the toothy Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile, I figured there wasn’t anything this young actress couldn’t do. But Julia Stiles, fashion designer? I wouldn’t have seen that one coming.

Poor Susan Boyle has already been batted about the fickle forces of media and public opinion. Now, some heartless higher power has decided to add insult to injury: comedian Robin Williams claims he's been approached to play the Britain's Got Talent underdog in the film version of the Scottish singer's life story.

In collaboration with musician Daniel Larsson, Swedish artist and animator Tomas Redigh has produced a stop-motion film in which colourful Lego bricks combine and collide to create a flashback journey through the world of '80s-era video games.

During last night's Miss Universe pageant, reprehensible famemonger Heidi Montag reaffirmed that you don't need to have any discernable talent, intelligence or personality to be selected as a feature performer in an internationally televised spectacle.

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