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Wilco settle into a groove, Tortoise turn the beat around, and Ohbijou serve up soaring, soothing swells: this week's new musical discoveries.

On July 1, like a burst of Tommy-gun fire, Michael Mann's Public Enemies will blast its way into movie theatres. The film stars Johnny Depp as John Dillinger, the 1930's bank robber who was finally ambushed by the FBI while stepping out of a Chicago cinema. Dillinger had just been watching the Clark Gable gangster flick Manhattan Melodrama.

Much has been made of that irony, but gangland dramas were already a Hollywood staple by the time Dillinger and other Depression-era desperadoes began to make headlines.

This weekend, Alice Hoffman's latest novel, The Story Sisters, received a less-than-glowing review in the Boston Globe. Instead of quietly ranting to her nearest and dearest, Hoffman took to the web in a hysterical attempt to recruit others to avenge her good name.

After Bob Dylan paid some hefty compliments to Paul McCartney in a recent Rolling Stone interview, there was much talk about a collaboration between the two. No word on when -- or if -- that pairing will ever happen, but Macca has always openly worshipped another sixties icon: our very own Neil Young.

Michael Jackson leaves a legacy of more than just his own music. His songs, dance moves and landmark videos have also had a powerful influence on today's top recording artists.

As is often the case lately, the news about Michael Jackson's death broke on Twitter and blogs. Indeed, when Twitter's servers are working at full capacity, it is simply the fastest information dispersal medium there is. Unless you're there when it happens or watching it live on TV, you're likely to hear about it first on Twitter.

But both blogs and Twitter have a credibility problem.

There’s been yet another development in the ick-inducing story that refuses to go away. I’m referring to the ongoing drama surrounding gossip blogger Perez Hilton, who has been quite the busy bee after his brief appearance as a presenter at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto this past Sunday.

I’m having trouble deciding whether I should get excited about talk of an upcoming movie by visual artist Floria Sigismondi about The Runaways, the all-girl rock band that spawned Joan Jett and Lita Ford.

Web Therapy, a darkly comedic web television series starring Friends' Lisa Kudrow, had its second-season premiere yesterday.

Modest Mouse release a new seven-inch single, Beck launches Record Club with a Velvet Morning, and Dinosaur Jr. party like it's 1994: this week's new musical discoveries.

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