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This tidbit comes courtesy of the N.Y. Post, who have somehow managed to uncover a tweet about the upcoming Sex and the City sequel's production schedule. Apparently, the Sex and the City team will spend two weeks shooting in London, suggesting that this new cosmopolitan locale could play a pivotal role in the upcoming film.

Remember those "literal videos" that were all the rage a few months ago? The ones where a team of clever pranksters provides a running karaoke commentary on the events unfolding in cheese-tastic '80s rock videos?

Well, a crack lyricist and singer (dascottjr and Persephone Maewyn, respectively) have recently dared to do a literal take on the motherlode. Yes, I’m talking about the video that out-'80s all other '80s videos, that beacon of shining frosted-tips pouffy hairdos and fog-machine light: Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Pop sensation Lady Gaga first graced our ears last summer with the tune Just Dance. Since then, the diminutive singer has racked up platinum-album sales and a Grammy nomination, all while prancing around pants-less (most of the time). Earlier this week, it was announced that the relentlessly raunchy Gaga would be performing at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto on June 21. Here is a list of Lady Gaga’s greatest crimes against good taste.

So Buffy the Vampire Slayer is going to be rebooted — Vertigo Entertainment announced a partnership with Fran Rubi Kuzi and Kaz Kuzi, the couple with rights to the Buffy empire, for a remake of the 1992 film.

Joss Whedon, writer for the original movie and, more impressively, the TV spinoffs Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, is reportedly not part of the reboot. What’s more, the film's original cast of characters may be left out, too.

Seriously, what’s going on?

Grizzly Bear's coastal opus, a punk Stooge gets jazzy and a Boston-area indie band with a Passion for synth-pop: this week's new musical discoveries.

International singing sensation Susan Boyle returned to the stage of the Britain's Got Talent competition this past weekend.

According to USA Today, long-running comic book character Archie Andrews is set to pop the question to one of his two long-suffering girlfriends, either the raven-haired Veronica Lodge or the sunny blonde Betty Cooper.

Spencer Pratt, MC

Spencer Pratt, the reigning asshat on The Hills, apparently thinks he's a rapper now.

Big news, fans of 90s alt-rock radio! Remember Marcy Playground, the slanted and enchanted miscreants who unleashed Sex & Candy upon an unsuspecting populace back in '97, then faded to semi-obscurity? Today we received confirmation that the dorm room rockers are planning to release a new album this summer.

This is the end, beautiful friends. As we prepare for the curtain to fall on this season of American Idol, it seems appropriate to invoke that excssively-quoted line from a Doors song, since Adam Lambert, the singer favoured to win the Season Eight crown, comes closer than any other Idol competitor in the history of the show to capturing the brooding, snake-hipped rock 'n' roll energy of Lizard King Jim Morrison.

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